Gracing His Table

This past week has been a busy one, full of stress, relief and excitement all at the same time!  Thoughts have galloped like wild, fear crazed animals across my mind and peace and calm just as suddenly have descended upon my heart and mind.

And we have all been there haven’t we!  Facing a myriad of circumstances, we experience a myriad of feelings and emotions.  We can know with complete confidence the Lord has guided our footsteps and walked us into the place He purposes for us, and somewhere in the time between places, our minds just play havoc with us, even when we are faithful to the Word of God.

Part of being faithful to His Word is to lasso all those crazy thoughts and pull them in so they are in alignment with the Word of God.  Once in alignment, the Word can take over and we can practise keeping His Word so it keeps us in perfect peace.  It takes focus and discipline to do this but it is so worth learning!

We are confident that the good work the Lord began in us, He will complete, finish and perfect.  We have just returned from an out of town specialist appointment and Bruce has received a clean bill of health ~ big relief!  Big praises to God!

On the wall behind our kitchen nook we have a picture of a barren tree in winter with the caption;

“For everything there is a season and a time for everything under heaven.”  Ecc.3:1

The verse and picture is a constant reminder to my heart of just that!  That every millisecond of our times is in God’s hands and He knows how to manifest exactly what we need at just the right time.

My in-between times are in His hands and He holds me close.  I am not far from His heart at all for His thoughts towards each one of us are innumerable, way past our ability to count!

And, look what else He says about us from Hebrews 1:3

Jesus is the sole expression of the glory of God (and He dwells within us expressing the glory of God), Jesus is the Light-being, the out-raying or radiance of the Divine, and He is the perfect imprint and very image of God’s nature, upholding and maintaining and guiding and propelling the universe by His mighty word of power.

He is upholding you and me, maintaining us, giving us what we need, looking after us so we are in mint condition and He is propelling us by His mighty word of power!  That is a promise worth being excited about!

We are all so different and yet He knows every hair on our head, He doesn’t lose track as our hair thins and falls out with age.  He looks at each one of us and calls us Beautiful, Exquisite One, Rare Beauty, and Treasured Possession.

Today, a Facebook friend commented on a picture of my teacups and it made think about the day when we will be gracing His banqueting table.    2015-02-26 11.53.05

I imagine Him gazing long at each one of us, marvelling at our differences, thrilling at how exquisitely beautiful to Him we are and He will think how He just couldn’t do without us, gracing His table with our radiant and wondrous beauty!

His heart will be bursting with the fullness of His love for us.

So maybe, instead of letting wild thoughts race through our minds, perhaps we could try focusing on the Beauty of the Lord and the perfectly exquisite love He has for each one of us. 

When ‘those days’ come and we feel stressed, let us remember and recall that it is because of our dear Lord’s mercy and loving kindness that He reaches out His arms to us and lifts us out of the miry clay and sets our feet upon the Rock!

May we remember that each new morning His mercies are new and the stability the Lord can bring us is abundant and great for He is a faithful God and we can fully trust Him.  Let us continue to hope in Him and wait for Him and be expectant in our waiting.  (I think that is why I am feeling so stressed about this house selling- I am expectant and I keep expecting!)

The Lord promises to be good to those who wait for Him with hope and expectation. 

Are you waiting on the Lord with hope and expectation for the meeting of your needs?  Is there anything I can pray with you about and believe God for with you?

Beckoned by the King,                                                   

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Why I am not Giving Up Anything for Lent

 I have never celebrated Lent nor given much thought to it. 

To be completely truthful,  mostly all I know of Lent is from Facebook posts that talk about what the individual is going to give up for Lent.

 Lent has never been part of my Christian walk, nor have I had any teaching on it.

  I think of how Jesus came and took our sin and gave us His righteousness.  God has given us the Way, the Truth and the Life and in Christ, we live and breathe and have our being.  We are loved, wholly, passionately and without reserve by a God who gave His only Son for us and we are well pleasing to Him.  God gave all, He gave the best ~ for you and for me.

…Well, no matter what I know or don’t know, I am not giving up anything for Lent… 

Especially when I can come into His presence and give Him my heart.

As I gaze at the years behind me, I know I have experienced the strength that truly does rise as we wait upon the Lord.  Of even greater importance is the amazing joy and freedom I have experienced after a time of repentance.  The shame I wore for so many years kept me from a real heart to heart relationship with Jesus and when I finally heard the term ‘repentance’ my heart was broken and became completely HIS.Continue Reading

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Do You Recognize and Yield to God Thoughts

A Cake That Taught a Lesson

Everyday we have opportunities to choose what thoughts we are going to yield ourselves to. Every moment of those days we have opportunity to listen for, recognize and yield to God’s thoughts.

September 25, I read Proverbs 25:26 and cannot count the number of days of 25’s I have read this proverb. Today is different. Today my heart receives truth. Today, though unsuspecting at the time of reading and writing I am going to have opportunity to practise the truth I learn.

We become like a muddied fountain and polluted spring when we yield; we fall and then compromise our integrity.

This morning I question, “Yield to what?” The answer comes clear. When we yield to impatience, anger, frustration, faithlessness, speaking lack, dislike of others, unhappiness, discontent, and fretting, wanting to get even…

The list makes me sit up straighter and take notice! How many minutes of our days are we faced with decisions to choose what is right and pleasing to God?  How many times do we yield to the thoughts the enemy tries to sow? How quickly do we recognize where these thoughts come from and just as quickly discard them?

I thought of Mary. Mary, sitting at the feet of her beloved Savior, savoring each sentence, noting each nuance of His words.

Mary sat, wrapped in the peace of His presence.  All else faded away. She knew her choices when Jesus came to their home. She knew her responsibilities.

Maybe she chose that day to sit with Jesus not because her heart was tenderer, more spiritual or she instinctively knew to choose the better part.

Maybe Mary felt inferior, insecure, saw her inabilities to serve as graciously and effortlessly as her older sister and countless other women in her district.

Maybe she didn’t like the way her insecurities made her feel. Maybe she felt she didn’t measure up to the standards other women lived by. Maybe she felt unable to walk with the same dignity, grace and beauty she saw in other women.

Her older sister Martha was capable and well able to run her household efficiently, a woman exuding grace and beauty, skilled and so able. Martha was together. She probably never had a bad hair day. Her attire was likely creative and a cut above. Her food preparation and presentation left her guests feeling wowed and special.

Maybe Mary felt insecure in her shadow.  I know I have felt like this many times as I have marveled at the magnificence of other women.

Maybe Mary felt the only way she could cope with her emotions was to sit at the feet of Jesus first.

How easily and quickly we forget how fearfully and wonderfully God has made us!

Have you forgotten? Are you lining yourself up alongside other women, noting comparisons, feeling inferior and insecure alongside them?

What are we doing when we put ourselves through this form of torture? We are yielding to the power of the negative thoughts and we fall. The fire within us fades in the face of outward appearances.

Whoever we are, wherever we are, we need to fill up with the meat and drink of God’s word, meditate on God’s thoughts towards us and yield to His truth.

What you just read was as far as I got yesterday morning before I looked at the time, jumped up and into the shower. You see, I had a baked a cake and had promised to deliver it to my husband’s office.  No time had been set for that…I thought. Before the shower, I turned on the computer to check emails after the shower.

Amongst many, one stood out – “CAKE. Please have cake here by 10:00 am. Thanks.”  Sent over an hour earlier, I now had twenty minutes to dress, dry and drive fifteen minutes to make it! Mentally calculating time and distance, I throw on my jeans, tee, and long linen sweater; quickly apply mascara and lip-gloss.  In my haste, my hair tangles in my brush. With hair finally brushed smooth and pulled back into a very wet ponytail, I fly out of the house, determined to drive the speed limit.

Once on the way, I laugh for I realize I am living what I am learning!

I am not going to yield to the thoughts and feelings of insecurities the enemy was throwing at me. In spite of my hasty dressing and wet hair, I looked good and told myself so! I laughed at the irony of it all!

Then the sneaky thought came I almost yielded to. “I could just leave the cake at security and they could call Bruce…”  I arrived and there was Bruce waiting for me outside, beaming when he saw me. I handed him the cake and he said, “Park over there ok.  There are some people I’d like you to meet.”

All I could think was “I sat at the feet of Jesus this morning!” I felt empowered, I felt the company of Jesus.

It’s not about us, but Who lives inside us. It’s about letting His love and glory shine through our brokenness, our weaknesses. Even when delivering cake!

In Him, we are beautiful, gracious, strong, capable, intelligent, wise. That’s who they saw yesterday.

That is you, oh precious child of God, your life is hidden in Him and He is radiant and glorious through your life as you lean and yield to His strength.

Can you be fluid like the water of the Word, and flow with grace and beauty as you yield to the flowing of His Spirit within you?

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Summer of change

There is a reaching in my spirit to touch the deep of God.  I strain, I press forward toward the Voice that calls me to deeper life in Him.

In my garden, I see as if for the first time that there is a food chain of birds and bugs.

In the Kingdom, I see.  I see as if for the first time.

A banqueting table has been set, ready for me to sit and feast in the presence of my enemies.

Jesus, even cancer, that foul enemy humanity hates and fears.  In the presence of it, You prepare a table before me.

God, I sit down.

You anoint my head with oil.

My cup You have filled

It runs over.

“Drink this cup,” You have said. “This is My Blood of the New Covenant.

Seal of the promises I keep for you.”

The Blood runs over

It spills and covers us.

The Blood runs over

You have purchased us by

Royal Blood shed.

We belong to the King,

To the God of amazement, wonder and beauty, the One who is more than enough in every situation, every circumstance.

There at the table, as I lift my face to You

I see a banner blowing over me.

It blows in the wind of Your breath

Blows hard so the enemy sees it.

Jehovah Nissi!

Behold!  I see the enemy scatter

They cannot prevail when Your banner waves.

Jehovah Nissi – our banner of Victory

Jehovah – the Blood, the Blood of Your Son has won the battle.

Goodness and Mercy await my awakening.

I will walk through

I will walk through the valley streaked with the shadow of death.

I will walk through valiantly, victoriously,

Voraciously trusting in You, my God and King.

I am Your child; Your eye is ever upon me.  Your Presence fills me with peace, unstoppable joy.

If I run too fast, the crook of Your staff gently corrals me back to Your side.

Your side, that has dripped with Blood shed for me.  You ask me to keep in step with the Spirit.

I gaze upon You, see only glorious radiance.

Look behind; see Goodness and Mercy bubbling with laughter and joy.

I look upon the enemy that confronts me.  I see only the Table You have prepared for me.

You anoint my head with the oil of joy. Or is that Mercy?

I drink my overflowing cup, the Blood spills over and I am covered.

Your covenant promises are for me.  By the power of them, every need has been met.

There at the Table You have prepared a feast.

You say, “Take, eat, this is My Body which I broke for you.  Drink the cup, drink for it is my Blood shed for you.  Drink, beloved drink, let the Blood cover you completely.  Let its power course through you like a mighty rushing river.  The life for your flesh is in the Blood.  Drink.  Drink and consider Jesus.  Raise your glass high, victory is nigh.”


My soul is crushed and breaking with longing for Your judgments at all times.  Psalm 119:20

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