The King’s Heart ~ part 2


  • to become aware of something by use of the senses
  • to grasp the importance, significance, or meaning of something
  • to take somebody suspected of wrongdoing into legal custody  capture
  • to take or seize; to take hold of.
  • We have two hands to apprehend it.

There is a cost to having a pure heart.  The development of the fruit of the Spirit in our everyday lives means we are going to have to be willing to say no to the selfish ambitions of our heart and yes to the purity of Love.  The joyous result will be the glory of Christ being revealed in us, to us and through us.

(Joy – in the hours preceding His crucifixion Jesus spoke of the fullness of joy.  How could He speak of joy when He knew the confrontation with pain that was to come?)

The qualities of the Holy Spirit are to enable us to walk deeper into the Kingdom of God.

They teach us how we are to train our spirits to rule over our soulishness and flesh.  We must give ourselves to studying the Word and taking the time to get to know God for it is then that He can teach us as we make it a practice and discipline of life to listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit as He speaks to our hearts.  It is only as we renew our minds with His Word that our thinking and responses change.

The early apostles walked in these Spirit gifts and as they gazed upon the Beauty of the King, the beauty and splendor of His Majesty apprehended their hearts, they saw the complete brokenness of His body and they understood that somehow the brokenness of this Man would result in humanity becoming perfect and complete lacking nothing.

They heard Him, heard His message in their hearts, saw with spiritual eyes the resplendent beauty of their King and when they had seen and heard, continued to gaze upon Him with open eyes and open hearts.  They touched Him and forever after their lives were different, would be transformed by His beauty and by His truth.

Jesus – the Word of Life – held in the heart of the Almighty God until such time as He would reveal Him.  The God Who operates outside of time and yet created time saw ahead to the prophets of old and men years later with names like Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter.  Each man had a specific purpose, a specific portion of the Word of Life to write about.

The Word of Life – Jesus, was brought forth at a very specific time and the words He spoke issued life and canceled death.  The words He spoke were like fiery shafts of light shot into the darkness of men’s hearts.

Wherever they were received light came, life was implanted in the stony ground of men’s hearts.  With each shaft of light softness grew and He was able to cultivate the soil of the heart of man.

Yet, the Lord was sorry that He had made man as He saw the great sinfulness that abounded on earth.  He was sorry and grieved in His heart and thus this story of Jesus is the story of the repentance of the King.  – a repentance that required a supreme sacrifice that would bring forth righteousness in His people so that He could have relationship with them.  His great love for us compelled Him to repent.

Has your heart ever heard The Voice of the King as He beckons you, His beloved to leave fear behind and draw close to His heart?

He sees each heart as they leap in anticipation of the answering – He sees the minds faltering in apprehension – His heart longs for you to know the depth and height, width and breadth of His love.

If only we could truly understand that He revealed the fullness of His love in His Son Jesus and that the perfection of all of His promises were fulfilled in the Son.  He saw the contrition and brokenness of man, He could not despise these qualities for He, the King of Heaven, and Earth felt these very same things.

The King holds time and eternity in His heart, a picture of each one of us His precious creations is stamped upon His heart.  The Immortal King knows every millisecond of each person’s life.  Not a single thing is able to hide from His sight and yet first He sees the dreams He holds in His heart for us.

He has hopes and dreams for us that are good and bring much benefit to us for He greatly cares about our welfare.  Oh, though He sees the tests and trials we will go through, He sees statuesque servants, sons, and daughters, as well formed and grounded in his love. As He gazes upon His adoring creation how His heart swells with love and joy as the image of the Son is formed in them.

As the Image of the Son is formed…

The King continues His gaze across time and eternity not wanting just yet to confront the pain in His heart.

…As the Image of the Son is formed in our lives we will be able to comprehend and see the fullness and greatness of God’s plan, the reasons for which He built us together in Christ.

…As the Image of the Son is formed in us we will bow our knees perpetually before the Father King of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Royal blood makes a child a royal heir however each child must be taught and trained to live the ways of righteous royalty.  We must govern our lives according to the righteous, holy statutes set in place by the King.  The King has ordained these statutes and we must obey.


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The King’s Heart ~ part 1

“Oh, that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory that your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain.” 1 Chronicles 4:10

Honor, righteousness and the blessing of God apprehended the heart of Jabez and from this short sentence; we can gather that Jabez was committed to living righteously and honorably.

He saw and heard aspects of life he did not wish to partake in; perhaps because his name had a meaning that carried with it pain and sorrow, Jabez had a desire in his heart to rise above these sad qualities of life.

He had a desire for his heart to be apprehended by a power much greater than his own.

This Word is alive, it can bring life to our dulled senses, it can penetrate to the deepest core of our being and then it can sift, analyze, and judge the thoughts and purposes of our heart.  Nothing in our lives remains hidden when the light of God’s word of truth shines in our hearts.

Will we choose to be fearless and confident in the love our God has for us and draw near to His throne of grace and blessing and unmerited favor?

Will we choose to believe that His grace covers all our failures; that His mercy is freely given to us?

Will we cry out from the midst of our pain for His blessing, for His favor?

Isaiah 30:18 tells us that the Lord is waiting in earnest for us, He is fully expecting us.  There is an expectation of birth, our new birth where we live, day in and day out, upheld in the Water of Life.

The waves of the storms of life crash over us swirl around us but our cries for blessing lead us to higher ground.  The higher ground is always found on the Highway of Holiness and it is there, in that place of doing and being right that we find protection in the storms.  We know that we have been made righteous having been given the righteousness of Christ, but it is here that we learn to be holy.

Jabez is petitioning the heart of God to have his territory enlarged after he has asked for blessing.  Blessing and obedience are linked and always go hand in hand.  One cannot be had without the other.

Had he eaten of the bread of adversity and drank the water of affliction; was he lifting up his voice, lifting up his eyes in order to behold his Teacher; desiring to hear and obey His leading?

Jabez wanted to walk honorably and uprightly within the territory God had given him.  Today in this hour, we are no different with the desires of our own hearts.

Today we live alive in Christ.  His very life is within us and He has raised us up together with Him and then invited us to sit with Him in the heavenlies.  Our true life is hidden in Christ, our natural life is spent here on earth and somehow we must find and understand how to walk here so that we enjoy the blessings of God with a territory that has been enlarged.

We know that blessing requires obedience.  We know that blessing also comes because of the pain of vanquishing the foe, the enemy of our souls.  We fight equipped with the full armor of God, sometimes gaining new territory, more often than not, gaining back ground we have willfully given.

We have been translated into the Kingdom of Light where the love of God forever shines.  God does not see us as we see each other, with our natural, physical attributes; He gazes upon the hearts that are abiding in Love’s Kingdom.

The Kingdom of God does not consist of natural meat and drink but righteousness, peace and joy.  In His Kingdom, we are free and yet each of us must learn to live in that freedom here on earth.  We must learn to yield to the hand of God as He lays it upon us and be willing, no matter the circumstance to yield to Him.  It is when we choose to allow the pressure of the circumstance, rather than the pressure of His hand to control us that we begin to have compounding problems.

When we think unrighteous thoughts, our relationships suffer the blessings of peace and joy.  We can speak out of distraught emotions and we reap the consequences.  And in real life, relationships are fractured and there is a break in the “together” part of the Body of Christ.

We are only as strong as our weakest link and the brokenness in the relationship affects the unity of the Body of Christ.  Us, you and me who are the people of God, attending church together, seeing one another round about, the tensions are in real life and instead of hoping time will melt them away can we not choose instead to deal with the brokenness that exists within our own hearts?

The ability to be reconciled with brother or sister is a gift we take far too lightly.  Reconciliation takes humility on our part and leads us into Kingdom ways.  In our relationships that become broken, we need to understand and be broken by this; that we are not treating one another with honor. We are not honoring the word of King.

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