Synchronized and Abandoned

Have you ever watched a group of synchronized swimmers and marveled at the unity of their actions, admired their grace and flexibility?  You can tell they have abandoned themselves to the program, abandoned themselves to the music and the feel of the water. 

As a group of synchronized swimmers, they have trained and practised for many hours, disciplining themselves to the hard work of synchronizing with the other.  Their movements must all be the same, – synchronized, and each one must move like the other, in tune with the music and according to the movements, the teacher has planned.

They abandon themselves to the lesson and put on a glorious show.  If they had abandoned the lesson there would be no synchronized movements, no beauty and grace to see.

We can abandon our trust in God and experience stress and ultimate failure or we can abandon ourselves to trusting God and trust Him to be working on our behalf to turn things for good.

There is quite a difference!

A building can be abandoned and left to ruin and is not fit for habitation.

You and me together and all believers everywhere, we are the habitation of Almighty God.  He is building in our characters, holiness, dedication, consecration ~ Abandonment to God!

We abandon our old ways of doing and thinking and abandon ourselves to taking on the mind of Christ by believing His Word.  We abandon ourselves to the promises and truth of His Word.

We choose to fret not.  We choose to trust!  In our abandonment, we find great rest for our souls.

We look at our seemingly impossible, hopeless appearing situations and shake our heads not being able to figure out how to get beyond this barricade of trouble.

But God!  But, our God, who stills the noise of the seas and stills the noise of their waves, is all the time working on our behalf for good.  Why?  Because He told us in His word that His plans for us are good, they are plans that will give us a future filled with hope in His unchanging, unfailing promises.

Beloved, we can trust Him with the seemingly impossible circumstances of our daily lives, no matter how fraught with trouble they are.

The ‘seas’ cover three quarters of this big ole earth ~ that is a huge expanse of water with tides ebbing and flowing unceasingly and with such steadiness that man is able to forecast a low or high tide right to the minute.

The stormy seas are magnificent (especially if you are on land!), they are fearful (if you are on the water!) and always awe inspiring.  When we remember the story of the disciples in the boat at night when the storm arose, in their fear they woke up Jesus.  He arose.  Christ arose.

Over the noise of the seas, His Voice rang out, ‘Peace, be still’.

The seas calmed as did the hearts of the disciples.  The seas calmed but the noise of the seas and the noise of the waves did not.

The noise is a natural consequence of the movement of the waters and it is beyond comprehension, impossible to fathom, and impossible in the natural for the noise to cease.

Yet, God, our God stills the noise of the seas and stills the noise of its waves.

Beloved, He is able to calm all our fears, bring peace to our souls so our hearts fully trust Him without reservation.  Will you join me and synchronize your spirit, soul and body with His Word so we can trust Him with complete abandon?

Abandon yourself in the Ocean of His Love.  You will float beloved, He will carry and sustain you and supply every need you may ever have.

Will you trust Him wholeheartedly?  I am learning as He peels away different layers and shows me what I am trusting in, instead of trusting in the Lord and allowing the Lord to be my confidence.   He will never fail us for His love for us is too great. 

In the Ocean of His great love, let us be abandoned to His love and become the synchronized body of Christ.

Beckoned by the King,


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  1. Mary Gemmill says

    Jeannie…this really spoke to my troubled heart today and I am so grateful.

    Praying for that house sale and for your peace of mind too,

    So glad to know you, Sister !


    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Mary it always is such a blessing to know when my words ministered comfort to your heart. He will do that thing which you are asking of Him. He only asks us trust! Standing with you!

  2. Bonnie Lyn Smith says

    I love what you do here with the ocean imagery and synchronized swimming and also how you choose to talk about abandonment in such a positive light. For many of us, abandonment has a negative connotation, and it’s so beautiful to see you show us how we find rest only when we abandon self to Christ. Lovely! Tweeting! Blessings from Espressos of Faith via #RaRaLinkup!

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Bonnie Lyn, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I love the synchronized idea…I think of the body of Christ when we are praying in sync with His word and praying for one another – what a joyous sight that must be to our God! Hope you will visit again!

  3. Lori says

    I recently read in My Utmost for His Highest about the abandonment – when we abandon ourselves to God – it has to be all of us, not just a piece. Thank you for sharing this and bringing this back to my memory. Thank you for linking up with Thankful Thursdays,

  4. Eva says

    This was so beautiful! I work on a team in Cairo and we talk often about the difference between collective call and individual call. Basically, the issue of our own wills versus God’s will. This spoke to that so perfectly. I’ll be sharing it at our next meeting!

  5. Jann Cobb says

    SO true! We abandon our old ways of doing and thinking and abandon ourselves to taking on the mind of Christ by believing His Word. We abandon ourselves to the promises and truth of His Word. It’s when we try to take back our old life that we have problems! :)
    Stopping by from Reflect.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Oh, how we all need a reminder Suzanne! Perhaps if we reminded our “selves” more often then our hearts would not get so anxious!! So glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts.

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