Stand in Awe

Our perspective determines our vision and we see only from the place we stand.  We ought to stand on something to get a higher  perspective.  Such it is in life ~ we make decisions and form judgements all based on a cloudy perspective.

John 19 tells the story of one such man whose name was Zacchaeus.  The Bible says he was a chief tax collector, he was rich and he was short!  Eyes always on the figures, counting coin, eyes never looking beyond the now of his life~ consumed with gathering but not looking to the future.

Until one day something triggered his spirit and caused a flame to flicker, a fire begins to smoulder.  Enough of pre set perspectives that his short stature gave him.  Enough of counting coin, gathering coin for a future he had no hope in.  Enough of no hope, enough of always feeling blocked and hemmed in by the crowds.

He had been hearing many rumours about Jesus and how peoples’ lives had been changed by just one touch.  The touch of His hem had cured a woman all because she dared to believe, dared to dream, and dared to go beyond her boundaries.  Blind had received sight, ears were hearing and lepers were cleansed.  Zacchaeus’s mind raced with all the stories he had heard.  The testimonies of the people had touched his heart and it was time for him to rise from his desk, raise his head and gaze upon the Son of God.  However, he was so short he was unable to see past shoulders…

In his heart, Zacchaeus knew money had not obtained for himself the life and character he desired.  Something far greater than gold was needed to shape his character so he could become the man he truly longed to be.

And today, right now, was his opportunity.  Now, he strained to see Jesus and from his perspective could not.

Now he strained to see ~ a sycamore tree ~, why he would climb it and from the lofty height of the tree he would have a glorious view!

As he clambered up the tree, he had the crazy feelings that this particular tree was there for such a time as this. Seed sown and grown into this tree for him to climb so he could come into his destiny.

Sure enough, when Jesus came to the tree, he expectantly and without hesitation, looked up and called for him to come down.

Much to his pleasure and delight, Zacchaeus marvelled that Jesus told him to not only come down, but in the descent also gave him a higher new order and purpose to his life.  Jesus “wanted to stay at his house”.  Jesus wanted to abide with him, to be breaking bread together and have fellowship with him.

Is Jesus living in your house?  Are you breaking bread and sharing your heart with Him?  Is your heart learning to to break over the same things that break His?

Are you standing in awe of Him?

Psalm 119: 162

My heart stands in awe of Your Word.

I rejoice at Your Word as one who finds great treasure.

I stand in awe of Your Word

My heart is awestruck by the awesomeness of Your Word.

In the face of hardship and difficulty, my heart is overwhelmed by the awe of God’s greatness,

awe of God’s goodness,

awe of God’s love.

Awe fills my heart, floods my heart, there is room left for nothing else ~ just AWE as I stand in YAhWEh

A whole new perspective.  Next to the heart of the King.

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