Sometimes His Hands Move First

Psalm 119:18 Open my eyes Lord that I might see wondrous things from Your Word.

It truly is wonderful to know that when we talk to the Lord He hears us and answers us.  We can share the most intimate secrets of our hearts with Him and He never turns His back on us, He never ignores our heart cry. He does not have an attitude of superiority even though He is holy and pure, true and altogether lovely, completely without sin…and expects us to be the same.

He is amazing the way He takes our lives and creates something of great beauty.  He never leaves us alone while we go through our fiery trials, He is right there in the fire with us and His gentle hand is refining us, shaping us, and perfecting us that we might reflect the fullness of the Image of the Son.  He is with us in the fire.  He is with us and turns us at just the right moment when it feels like the fire is too hot.

He is walking with us as we go through the times of flood. In the rush of the mighty waters, He scoops us up into His arms and we stand, held upright as we push through the waters.  We are never overcome!  Our flesh may feel weak but He always strengthens us with the power of His mighty right hand.

There is a saying “seek His Face and not His hand”.  While I was gazing into His holy Word and seeking His Face, He showed me how sometimes His hands move first in our behalf and we are not even aware of it!

His Hands Move First  

Isaiah 26:7 The path of the righteous is level; O Upright One, you make the way of the righteous smooth.


This is the effect of God’s hand upon our lives, moving and co-ordinating events for our blessing and benefit and many times, we are unaware of the hand of God moving on our behalf.

My heart is crying out, “Yes Lord! I will walk in the ways of your Law, I will obey your Word, and I will live in the perfect will you have planned for me.  It may be hard to find the way sometimes but as I keep your Word in front of me, you will shine light upon the path you want me to take.  In every circumstance of my life, it is your desire that I am successful.”

It is as if God is rolling out the red carpet for us – the Highway of Holiness…

If we choose to walk the bloodstained path, He will teach us to see life from a higher perspective.

Will you walk with me and allow Him to constrain you, to yield to His hand that is leveling out the way before us as we walk our journey together?

Will you wait for Him to complete the necessary work He needs to do in you in order to present you as perfect and spotless before the Father?

As we wait, He will reveal His Name, His Renown; He will show us the greatness of His strength and power.  His glory will cover the bloodstained path we walk.

I am inclined; I am inclined to incline my ear to hear His heart.  My desires in life are being fulfilled as I make Him my greatest desire and seek His face with all my heart.

When my spirit longs for fellowship with Him each day, I need to keep a picture of the bloodstained Highway of Holiness before me.  This is where He wants and expects me to walk.

I must enter into fellowship with Him, with joy, gladness and thanksgiving. With a heart that understands and perceives that as my life aligns to the plumb line of His Word, so He makes my way level and smooth.

My soul therefore waits and hopes in the promises of God.  My Father, Abba, Papa, the One who promises to keep me in perfect peace and keep my mind steadfastly trusting in Him; He establishes peace for me.

Humbly I recognize the power of His mighty right hand at work in me.  All that I can ever hope to accomplish – He has done for me.

I wait on Him.  His Face is turned towards me and joy and pleasure are radiating from Him.  My Father loves me, desires me, is pleased with me, and is glad to be spending time with me!

Our hearts are knit in love and beat with desire for one another.  Oh Lord, You are my God.  I will exalt you and praise Your Name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago.  I am your beloved and you are mine.  Your banner over us is Love.

Surely, Jesus, You do all things well.

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  1. Shanda Oakley says

    Yes, my soul waits and hopes in Him too. I have to take the time to spend with Him to let Him transform me. Sometimes waiting and hoping are hard work. But..always rewarding.

  2. Roly Welman says

    Yes Lord! My heart is crying out to walk Your Highway Of Blood! And will live in the perfect plan You have planned for me. Only You are Worthy!!!!


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