Trust Deepens When We are Secure In His Love

 A steady growth as been taking place in your heart

you may not know it yet, but deep down in your heart, you are changing.

from first hearing and answering the call in Beckoned by the King,

spending time in the intimate chambers of your King

when your fingers reach between these two pages,

your heart is strong in its decision to stand and not waver

you have learned you are safe and loved in our Father’s Keep

you have been choosing to look at the circumstances of your life through Kingdom eyes

eyes that see by the Spirit of God

He has colored and altered your inside pictures

You see HIM in all you do, in the eyes of others

You hear HIM and respond to others in loving patience

You know He is there to catch you when you fall and turns failure into victory

You have been laying up His Word in your heart…your lives are letters from the Lord Jesus Christ

Your heart is being interwoven with gold because you have been in the Refiner’s Fire

You are remembering that though you be in the midst of the fire,

You are in the midst of HIM for He is a consuming fire

Your focus has remained on Him and you have become dependable, faithful, loyal

Steadfast and unswerving in your stand of faith.

Learning how to live grace as you make decisions from the higher perspective of Love

Security, peace, resolve are words affecting the way you live.

You know your life is secure and held together by the unchanging, powerful love of God.

Zayin‘ ~ this chapter excites me, thrills me and I can see how God has been building in us.

Cleansing, healing and perfecting us as we replace lies with Truth…

Now, now in our place of surrender and submission to the fires of God, He teaches us how to wield the Sword.

The Sword is the Word of God.  Jesus spoke it and evil fled.

He spoke with confidence, aggressively standing in His place as the Son of God, the Word made Holy Flesh.

Jesus left us a legacy, an opportunity to learn the disciplines of obedience.  To live grace.

I love Him, I love how He has taken my heart in His hands and created something beautiful for His glory and pleasure.

I love how He has given me a song in my darkest nights.

The way He has been so tender and faithful to give me hope as I remember and meditate on His Word.

He shows me pictures of how the Word of the Lord is a sharpened Sword in my hands and becomes even sharper as I speak it out.

Hope rises, I rise up standing taller in the Light the wielding of the Sword has brought.

My wandering years have been washed away by the Blood.  I am determined to live a life of obedience generously laced with grace.

Jesus has taught me that it has been as I have used the Sword in my hand that hope and inspiration have risen up and a quiet confidence and trust in the Lord my God has settled upon my heart.

May it be so with yours as you answer the beckoning of the King.

This journey of faith is rich with promise. Trust in Him deepens as we become more secure in His love.







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  1. Karen says

    A beautiful reminder of the transformation that takes place in us through the Word and the work of the Spirit! Journey on! Thanks for the post!

    • Jeannie says

      The journey is so full of surprises and much joy! Even in the midst of our trial and uphill walk His encouragement and love spurs us on to the higher height and the blessing of His Presence is so refreshing! Glad to be making the journey with you Karen!

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