Serving the King – You May Be Surprised

Sometimes making a declaration of what we know and feel,

Sharing our hearts with our Father, even though He knows

Brings revelation to us as we reason with Him.

After all, He is the One who said, ‘come let us reason together’

When we  come in  close and allow Him to minister to us,

He will bring us comfort.

A fair exchange.

I will serve Him

In my time of distress and angst in my soul

I will serve Him

I thank You for Your Presence with me

I wait on You, Jesus

I am heavy laden with a serving tray of, well, “stuff”.

Emotions that have no place in Your Presence, oh Glorious One.

I wait on You, Jesus

I can hear You asking for the fear, doubt and worry on my tray.

Will I give it to You?  Will I make the effort ~ You know oh Lord.

I have said I would spend the days of my life serving You.

This serving tray feels so heavy

Are the contents stuck?  Are they deeply rooted in lies from the enemy?  Yes?

 I rebuke the lies of the enemy right now in Jesus name. 

I will recognize the fearful thoughts the enemy places in my mind

 I replace those words of doubt with Your word of Truth.

When I speak  the Truth out loud, right here, right now, potential for change is enormous

The truth is Jesus, You died and rose again and in doing so You destroyed the work of the enemy.

All the work of the devil, You have stripped him and He is completely void of power

You stripped him bare and the truth is the only power the devil has over me is what I choose to give him.

so I offer You this tray Jesus.

Waiting on You, Jesus.

You relieve my tray of heaviness.  You flood my soul with light.

It is a battle You have won and You have called me Victorious Overcomer.

The enemy may push hard but I am free.

Free to serve You,  my soon coming King.

Free to be seasoned by Your love.

Serving You is life’s greatest joy.

I have heard You beckon

I come running into Your open arms of love

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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