Servants of Grace and Mercy

There is a lot of outrage these days on Facebook about abortion.  I am one who has had an abortion. 

My heart grieves for the women who have also had one and it grieves for the shame and condemnation they must be feeling when they see all of the anti abortion posts.  And they are not sure where to turn, thinking, who will understand, who will show me compassion?

Now, do not get me wrong, I am against abortion also knowing now what it involves.

 However, I am wondering…instead of being outraged about the abortion issues, imagine the change that would take place if we chose to reach out to wrap our arms around those women who are contemplating it?  Yes, that means we will need to get out of our comfortable spot and make a heart choice to open our arms and extend them in love and acceptance; we will need to open our hearts too so that the mercy, grace and love of God is revealed through us.

I pray that we will get our hearts so wrapped up and entangled in the love of God that we see through His eyes, hear with His ears and feel with a heart that touches the Almighty’s.  May the fire of HIs love ignite us and may we burn with the passion of His supernatural love.

May compassion and mercy flow from us to touch the hearts of those we meet.  One by one, won by love, their lives will be touched, changed to love and live for Jesus.  One by one, they in turn will touch their own circle of friends.  Won by one whose life was changed by one willing to let the love of Jesus shine through.

To live and to love with God’s supernatural love, this is my heart’s desire and continual cry.  To allow my Father to minister grace through me and to be willing to be used by the Father who always leads us in triumph in Christ.  It is through Jesus that He diffuses the sweet fragrance of His knowledge in every place.

Whether or not we are willing to be servants of grace and mercy is the issue our hearts need to address.

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