Running Against the Wind

Catching the Wind would be better than motoringHave you ever had those days when you feel as if you are out on the ocean of life with sails flapping loudly ( and uselessly ) in the wind and you are not making any headway?

I have felt like that in days and years past.

It is like walking against the wind on a stormy, rainy dark evening and the wind is constantly blowing your umbrella inside out. (Didn’t someone write a song years ago about “running against the wind”?)

In sailing terms, ‘running against the wind’ are words that do not belong together.

I learned how to sail the summer of my fourteenth year.  I felt that summer as if the wind had been knocked out of my sails and I was running against the wind. Going nowhere, stuck in a difficult place and season.

You see, a month earlier I had had an abortion and my Dad thought sailing lessons would be a great gift to me to cheer me up.  Little did he know, that forty-three years later, I would still be gleaning information from those sunny, summer days when the days of childhood had slipped away.

In sailing, we always need to choose a point to head toward on the horizon. There are different tactics we need to use for different weather conditions that will take us to our desired location.  Otherwise, we are adrift at sea with no direction.

We need to know the direction of the wind so we can put into practice some specific sailing terms we have learned. It is the same principle, as faith without works is dead.

When we ‘run’, we are at full sail with the wind behind us. It is wonderful. Wind blowing in our hair, we seem to have not a care in the world and life is good. Bliss would be an appropriate word to express how we are feeling.

Another term is ‘beat’, when we are sailing against the wind by tacking. This is when we need to take a zigzagging course towards the wind towards our desired location.  Sailing this way we must remain focused and alert. The waves can be high, the water is choppy and we must pay attention to the wind changes as well.

With both of these sailing tactics, we have wind in our sail but different techniques and strategies are used.

It is not always easy but a seasoned sailor knows what is required of him.

The Holy Spirit wants to be the wind in our sails.  The Holy Spirit wants to be the One who empowers us.

Sometimes we need to change our direction so we can catch the wind of the Holy Spirit who has never ceased the blowing of His breath upon our lives. 

I wonder today, would you look at your life through the eyes of the Holy Spirit and see if He shows you anywhere you are trying to run against the wind  instead of catching His wind?

When you ask the Holy Spirit to fill your sails with His wind He will. Hang on because He will take you places you only dreamed!

When we run with His wind at our back, we will live in His plans, purposes and dreams. Our hearts will know joy unspeakable when we walk in His perfect will for our lives.

He has such wonderful plans for us, our job is to yield and surrender to Holy Spirit.

Will you choose today to rest in the power of God’s Word, the precious Holy Spirit and trust you recognize His Voice in order to follow His leading?

Catching His Wind,

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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  1. rita schulte says

    Great post Jeannie. Thanks for your transparency. I love what you said about needing to change direction. We have to slow down to notice that don’t we? Beautiful. He has never stopped blowing his breath into our lives.

    • Jeannie says

      Thanks Rita. Just because life gets hard doesn’t mean we are in the wrong place doing the wrong thing, we just need to let out our rope of faith and adjust our sail. When we learn to listen and ascertain the direction of the Holy Spirit He will empower us to sail through the rough waters. There is joy in the seasoning even as we wipe the sting of the salt from our eyes!

  2. Florence Achama says

    Hi Jeannie, this is a great analogy which is visually beautiful for me too… the wind in my sails :) Some times the journey may be difficult for me at other times much easier but the purpose remains the same, reaching my destination. When times get tough I can now use this to help me clarify whether I’m working with or against the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you

  3. Mel Thompson says

    WOW! What a great analogy using SAILING (catching the wind) and setting still in the DEAD CALM of life. In the Amplified Bible, at the end of verse 11; 1 Peter 3, the translators inserted the following in brackets: “[Do not merely desire peaceful relations with GOD, with your fellowmen, and with yourself, but pursue, go after them!].” It much easier to SAIL with the wind blowing from behind–filling the Spinnaker–but to LEAN forward, “to pursue, go after”, gives us the Grace and Hope that GOD is keeping us from falling over. Kind of like Jack and Rose leaning into the wind on the bow of the Titanic movie.

  4. Pastor Sherry says

    I love this, Jeannie! I’ve never sailed, but I understood your illustration well. It’s only as we allow the Holy Spirit to be the wind in our sails that we’ll get anywhere we want to go. I suppose the opposite of that is NOT “using” the Holy Spirit wind, and being tossed aside by every little gust that comes by. Our only safety in anything is to follow the Spirit. It’s a journey, isn’t it!

  5. Eva says

    Hi Jeanie, my favorite line is “Sometimes we need to change our direction so we can catch the wind of the Holy Spirit who has never ceased the blowing of His breath upon our lives.” Catching the wind of the Holy Spirit is so awesome, and it is in the realizing that we need to change direction is when we can feel his breath upon us, thrusting us farther from the old land onto the new land, full of so many treasures! God Bless you and Bruce.

  6. Dixie Diamanti says

    Good word for today Jeannie……..sometimes I feel pretty wind burned, but am determined to put my head down and march straight into the wind because I know He is right there with me. Thanks for sharing this analogy!!

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