Rise and Give Thanks for God’s Goodness


Psalm 119:65-72  

I rise and give thanks Lord God, for the goodness You so kindly show me.  You have not given me what I have deserved; instead, You shower me with an abundance of good things. 

Mercy, fulfilled promises, protection in the storm.  An outstretched hand offering an embrace of comfort and encouragement so I might give of the same to others in need.

Your Word is my bread and water and with it, You teach me good judgement and knowledge.  You teach me how to put Your Word into practice all the days of my life.DSC_0705.jpg


When I fail and fall down, You cheer me on because You know O Lord, that I will rise and give thanks to You once again.  Your encouragement bolsters my strength. DSC_0705.jpg

I believe Your Word, I believe everything You said is true and I can spend my lifetime learning Your truth only to have You uncover more about Yourself. 

I will have eternity to learn of You but I will choose now to rise and give thanks to You each day.  Your mercy and kindness are without measure and yet You are absolutely without compromise in Your desire for me to walk in the way that pleases You.

In order for me to be a tree of righteousness, I must learn the art of flexibility.  I don’t want a weak spirit that is flexible and teeters and compromises, but rather a spirit within me whose roots go down way deep in the Ocean of Your Love.

I must be willing to let You move me from one place to another and to let my roots go down into depths only You can take me to.  Being pliable in Your hands is flexibility and in Your palm, You teach me the way of wisdom.

There will be those against me, those who lie about me but my choice is to keep the truth of Your Word before me in my heart.  It is like a mirror and the truth it reveals will teach me how to love and bless those who come against me.  For how can I truly love You who I cannot see if I do not love my brother or sister even in the times of difficulty?

It is those times of perseverance and determination of the heart that lead me into to Your Word.  Being flexible, I am going to allow You to move me and mold me.  To allow You to take Your hands and shape me into the reflection of Your Son.  I won’t freeze in fear or run in flight.  My heart will be steadfast O God and I will trust in and lean on You.

Flexibility and softness of the heart is a necessary gift in order to lean and trust.

You have taught me and taught me well.  I have paid counselors to help me with emotional difficulties in the past, but now I know and can declare with all confidence that Your Word of Truth and Love is greater than thousands of gold and silver.  Nothing can compare to the greatness of Your wisdom for You are shrewd in Your knowledge of all things and truly, You do all things well.

How thankful I am for Your acceptance and for giving me a place to snuggle right next to Your heart.  I love to hear Your whispered words of love as You teach and train me in Your way of righteousness and purity.

  You have given me many reasons to bless Your Name and when I rise, O God I will not withhold my praise from You.

I love You Father.

Thank You for holding all Your children in the palm of Your hand.

with you in His palm

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I love this. We have a deep love and reverence for God’s Word in common. I love what the Psalm says, “Your Words have been the song on my pilgrimage”. So true!

    • Jeannie says

      We do have much in common Elizabeth, and I love how our words portray what we love. Your words minister to my heart and we sing the same song on our pilgrimage for we truly share the same love.

  2. Mel Thompson says

    While I was reading your words Jeannie, an old hymn came into my spirit:

    “Spirit of the Living God, Fall afresh on me. Melt me, mold me, Fill me, use me.
    Spirit of the Living God, Fall afresh on me.”

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