Praise our way to Victory

Praise is practical.  Praise is the best way to keep our emotions on an even scale. Praise will keep the enemy of our John 1:12 But as many as received Him, to them He gave the power and right to become sons and daughters of God, to those who believe in His Name.souls at bay.  Believe me when I say today I need to praise.

In the midst of feeling as if my emotions were cracking over an unexpected mishap, all I could think was “I need to praise God in the middle of this mess, I need to praise and maybe have a little cry too.”

You see, while our basement is undergoing renovations after our flood, no matter how I clean and tidy, it just does not stay that way. Clean or tidy.  Items that should be downstairs are upstairs and today I am feeling the way my home looks. Cluttered, but in the midst of renewal.  The entire house seems to be feeling this upheaval. My husband is away again for a few days and I am tired, bone weary tired. But the workers are here and they are doing an awesome job. They are cheerful and pleasant to have in my home and I am thankful.  I made them a batch of chocolate chip cookies …

The fresh paint is on the walls and day by day the basement is looking better in every way.  There are so many little things in my heart and soul that need fixing and I am as impatient for their completion as I am for the completion of the basement.

I have had a post I want to write to share how praising God in the storm is a key to walking through our trial victoriously. I had to have a little time out, my dogs and I sat on the stairs, my stomach churning, wondering if the garage door was broken after hearing a loud bang when I opened it for one of the workers.  Praising God for the worker who is here who recognised and corrected the problem.

I sat on the stairs, thinking, holding back the tears.  When it pours, I still must praise.  When it pours, all I can do is praise.

When we praise, I know it is simple and obvious but we are focusing on our Lord God and not the problem at hand.  When we focus on the Lord and lift up our voices, in spite of how we feel, our words bless Him.  Our words allow us to magnify Him in our hearts and not the issues at hand.  When He is magnified, He becomes much larger than our problem.  Just because He is larger than any problem.

Take a moment and allow the words of one of my favorite songs to penetrate your soul and reverberate truth in your heart. Begin today to practice the art of praising God, bring to mind the Word of God you have been hiding in your heart and declare His promises. Sing His praises in spite of what you see.  Let your praise ring out and change your atmosphere.  Let the high praises of God be in your mouth and stand victoriously with your two edged sword in your hand.  He will not fail you!


You are loved with an everlasting love,

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  1. Erin Patrick says


    Thank you for this reminder to praise in all situations! I have found that when life is beating me up and I’m all but spent, if I spend time I’m praise & worship, I enter the throne room of my King, And there, I get filled and comforted and peace imparted to my soul! Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your tough times and how you remembered to praise!


  2. Cathy Horning says

    I appreciate and enjoy each of your posts. I too have learned the power in praise no matter the pain and problems surrounding me. In fact, especially in the midst of problems and pain. Your life is a living testimony and encouragement to many! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Helen Murray says

    Jeannie this one is definitely for me! Over and over I find that if I can manage to turn my thoughts and praises to Him, for every little I give Him He gives me back so much. Praising when stressed, or miserable, or despairing, or weary gives me a lifeline. I should do it so much more often.
    Thank you for this lovely post.

  4. Mel Thompson says

    Maybe, just maybe that why it’s called a “SACRIFICE OF PRAISE” (Hebrews 13:15) and (Isaiah 57:19). Also, this definition of a “sacrifice” might come in handy when not feeling like “thankfully acknowledging and confessing and glorifying His name” : A sacrifice is something given that comes with a cost. If it doesn’t cost you something, then it’s not a sacrifice.

  5. Amy Hagerup says

    Thanks for this exhortation, Jeannie. I am listening to the song as I write this. Praise is something that should permeate our days and our thoughts. Great reminder to be praising especially when we are going through trials or just challenges like you had that day. I hope the basement gets finished soon. Blessings, Amy

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