Out of the Ashes Beauty Rises

Out of the ashes beauty rises
Beauty is the Church, Beauty is the Bride
She is propelled by the Face of Love toward the altar of all consuming fire consuming love.
Her train fills the Temple. “And the train of His robe filled the Temple with glory”
She is the train ~ there is a swath of oil left behind. Male and female, Jew and Gentile, circumcized and not, the Train is composed of the Body of Christ.
Out of the ashes of her old life, Beauty has risen
She is walking, she is upright, pure. She is beholding Beauty Himself, reflectling glory.
The train of His robe fills the Temple with ever increasing glory. He has carried us, He has gone before us. He is the Head of the Body~ what does the Body look like? A Bride~The Bride of Christ~ We are the train of His robe. The train, the long train is heavy and weighty, Glory resides there~ Glory in us, Christ in us the hope of Glory. Glory revealed as we make our way to the altar ~ as we behold Him face to face, our countenance shines and is radiant with His glory.
Out of the ashes Beauty rises.
Behold your King of Glory.
Out of the ashes Beauty rises,
O King, behold Your church in all its splendor, in all Your glory basking.
Out of the ashes Beauty rises
Clothed in righteousness, walking in peace, jubilant joy
O King, behold Your Bride
Longing for fulfillment, She is in pursuit and has been longing to touch but the hem of Your royal garment
Out of the ashes, Beauty has risen

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