Parents who raise their children have a far greater understanding and experience of love than I.

I look at my two little dogs who are vastly different and yet both fierce in their love for me…

And isn’t that like us with our Heavenly Father?  Each one of us have been created and shaped differently with vastly different personalities and expressions of giftings and yet ~ each of us have been created for one sole purpose:

  • To love the Lord our God
  • To seek the Beauty of His Face
  • To behold His Glory
  • To love and obey His Word
  • To align our wills with His purposes and plans so that all of which is written in His Book of Life about each of our todays, comes to pass.

One body, one Lord over us all.  Let’s do all we can to walk in unity and be fierce and passionate in our love for our God and Gracious Father.

  • Psalm 119:28  Make me understand the way of Your precepts; so shall I meditate and talk of Your wondrous works.
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