A Shepherd an Angel and a Final Parting Gift

The King of all Shepherds is ours.  We belong to Him. He wants us to feel secure in His love for us.  Are you?

He is a Shepherd who wants us to sit at the table with Him and feed us meat from the table. Not scrabble for scraps underneath.  The Shepherd desires communion with us, He longs for us to see the purity of love gleaming from His brilliant eyes.

This Shepherd has been our guide. His unmistakable scent has surrounded me, comforted and excited me.  Exodus 30 explains this glorious scent; the scent surrounding me the first visit to the hospital.  A scent unworldly, unexplainable. Covering me, heavy, thick, rich with comfort, wrapping me  in awe.  The presence of the Shepherd King gloriously revealed in unexpected places, unexpected times.

Surely, the Shepherd has shielded us!  Surely, He shielded Bruce throughout the radiation treatments, shielding him from unpleasant side effects, keeping negativity and fear at bay.

In absolute trust, we lay down in new places.  Our sleep was sweet, His voice clear and unmistakable.  Beside the still waters, we found rest.  Sit with the Shepherd and you will stand and walk with Him in confident trust.

In the midst of the valley of the shadow of death, the Shepherd is present.  Will you gaze upon the face of your Beloved and not linger long on your circumstances?  He longs to refresh you, restore and renew your strength.  Wait upon Him and you will rise up and soar on wings like eagles.

Though we wait and soar, overlooking the valley, still we fear as we walk through the valley.  We jump at every strange sound and sight, every bend in the path fills us with trepidation.

Can you see Him though?  He has gone before you, preparing the way, preparing your heart and soul to see. Look towards the light.

We look too long at the shadows, envisioning every evil thing. We linger too long in the land of the what-ifs.  What if…he dies, we lose, and we sink?

What if we chose to believe and trust the love of our Shepherd King?  What if we dismissed the fears we face in the dark?  What if we could see the radiance on our own countenance from time spent in His presence?

What if we just walked in total abandonment to His love?  What if?

He restores!  We rest and He refreshes us with the still waters of Life.  We rest and He restores our soul with a knowing of His Name.

The Shepherd, the One who comes to us when we are scared and unsure of our next step.  He holds us close in the crook of His staff and comfort flows.

There we were our first day at the Cross-, unsure, scared, and just waiting at Unit 7.  Hearts were pounding, saying little and then he came.  A handsomely beautiful man sits beside my husband, half-turning to look him fully in the face.  I overheard these words, “I am here for you.  I am here to help you through.  I am here to answer any questions you may have so you are completely comfortable.  I have been sent here for you.”

We never knew his name or saw a hospital identification badge although sometimes he wore the white smock of the staff.  He only stayed at the unit until Bruce was confident and encouraging others in a way beyond anything I can tell you.  We always looked for and hoped to see this amazing young man.

Our last treatment, our last day at Unit 7 at the Cross filled our hearts with joy and thanksgiving for Bruce’s wellbeing. We were anticipating – what we did not know.  Then he was standing before us, immaculate in dress, shining eyes, no white smock or identification. He stood before us handsome and oh, so beautiful.

His words shook us to the core.  ”Bruce! It’s your last day!  I am sure everything went well.  I am sure I will see you again, out there somewhere but I will not see you again in here.”  Bruce rose to embrace him and then he was gone.  Gone, just like that.

His gleaming eyes smiled at me and I too felt a longing to hug him, shake his hand. Something, but instead I felt stuck in my chair and realized he was for Bruce.  He had come to comfort, encourage and strengthen Bruce. By his very presence, I was recipient of all he imparted to Bruce.

Late into the night when we should have been sleeping, our hearts were pounding and Bruce put words to it.  “He was my angel. He was sent for me, he was my angel and that is why I will see him again out here somewhere.”   Immediately, the words spoken and sealed, I knew this to be true.

We had viewed the picture board of all the radiation/oncology staff that afternoon hoping to find his name and picture. Every staff member we recognized, everyone was smiling out from the board.  All save One.

Unfailing love follows us all the days of our lives.  His Presence is our dwelling place and our hearts remain fixed and stable as we dwell beneath the shadow of the Almighty whose power no foe, no sickness or disease can stand.

Today Bruce’s PSA count is 0.04.

Perfect – excellent.  Truly, evidence of the perfect and complete work accomplished at the Cross.

We begin a new journey.

A journey of joy and I hope you will share it with me!  The Lord has done great things and we bless His Name.

Truly the law of your mouth O Lord is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces.  Surely your words have given life and your Law of Love is our heart’s delight.

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  1. Mel Thompson says

    Right in the middle of the VALLEY (Psalm 23), God prepared a banquet table with 3 chairs. One for Bruce, one for you and of course, one for the visiting angel. God provided the MEAT, the angel carved the beef and you and Bruce smelled, tasted, touched, the goodness presented.

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