My Morning Declaration

Oh Lord, may the words I speak express the uprightness of my heart and may my lips speak Your Word that I have hidden in my heart.

Based on Job 33:3  and Isaiah 30:18

I will choose to acquaint myself with God by agreeing with God and showing myself to be conformed to His will.  Making a choice like this shall give me great peace and God’s Word says that I shall prosper and great good shall come to me.  I will choose to receive the law and instruction from His mouth and I will lay up His words in my heart.

I will come again and again to my Almighty Heavenly King, submitting and humbling myself before Him, being built up in Him and being strengthened in my holy faith as I speak to Him in my heavenly language.  I choose to put aside all unrighteousness, considering the things of the world to be not  a part of me.  I will make the Almighty to be my precious silver treasure even as He counsels me to come and buy from Him gold that has been refined and tested by fire.  My choices to lay myself down at His feet that He be glorified will cause me to experience great delight in the Lord Almighty and I will lift up my face to Him reflecting His image.  Marred and yet shining with the glory of the Lord.

As I pray to Him and make and pay my vows to Him – being obedient to Him in every way, I have the confidence that He hears me.  That in fact He is earnestly waiting for me to come to Him that He might be gracious to me, showing me the greatness of His mercy, the grandeur of His loving kindness.  He tells me that I am blessed, happy, fortunate and to be envied as I wait in His Presence, expectantly looking and longing for Him alone in order to experience His victory, His favor, His love, His peace, His joy and His matchless unbroken companionship.

His promise to me is that I shall decide and decree a thing and it shall be established for me and that the light of God’s favor will shine upon my ways.  When I am made low I will choose to speak out God’s word that promises that there is a lifting up and that the humble person He lifts up and saves.  As I pray and intercede I am assured that He will deliver the one for whom I intercede.  Though they not be innocent, they will be delivered through the cleanness of my hands.

Great promises oh, God.  Great promises given by You who is utterly trustworthy, utterly faithful to keep Your Word.  Such love inspires me to complete obedience, living my life set apart for You for use in the way You see fit and best for the way in which You designed me.

Oh, I am learning to sing the song of the gold.

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