Perfect and Complete is His Work

This morning I had an ‘aha’ moment! 

God brought to mind something way out of my past, applied it to my future and I realized He has been trying to tell me He does a perfect and complete work!  That’s a good word right?

Let me tell you the story…Thirty some years ago I was born again but not walking with Jesus.  I had never learned the heart meaning of the word ‘repentance’ and was having such a hard time dealing with all the guilt and shame of my past.  To say I was messed up is putting it well.

But this is the story…A friend who had remained a friend to me since high school once again invited me to church.  I had been to her church several times and I liked the way the preacher preached and the genuine warmth and love the people showed me, well it just kind of blew me away.  Me, who smelled of cigarettes and had an untouchable attitude, they just loved on me.  I did like it there although I couldn’t figure out how they could be so ‘good’ and so happy.  I went that night.

That night I showed up in some flimsy dress, high heels, scented with the smell of smoke and an attitude only to discover it was a guest speaker!  Groan.  I sat through it and I had no idea what he said.  Until his almost last words, which were announcing a miracle healing service.

“Yeah, I don’t need this stuff” I said to myself and promptly got up and made my way out of my seat to the aisle.  As I stepped into the aisle I heard him say, ‘And right now, God is healing a woman with a plantars wart on her right toe.”

By the time I made it down to the foyer, I somehow knew that ‘woman’ was me!  I whipped off my high heels (which were killing my feet) and discovered I no longer had the wart on my right toe!  Jesus healed it even in my total scoffing and unbelief.

I still have the one on my left toe but it has never bothered me since that night and I always felt God left it there just to remind me…

Of His love, His Grace, His Mercy, His Never Ending Kindness

My right toe was completely healed.  The wart totally eradicated.

My right toe is like an Ebenezer stone, I can look at it, remember the Lord touching me and am grateful for how far He has walked with me on the Highway of Holiness.

Fast forward to today.  I have been struggling with the ‘what if’ voices.  What if Bruce’s  PSA is up? What if he… what if… and I just have to tell them to shut up!

What does my wart have to do with prostate cancer?  Nothing except they are both totally eradicated in the Name of Jesus! 

When the Lord reminded me of when He healed my toe, He also reminded me He has done a perfect and complete work.  He has healed perfectly and completely.  Just as there is no trace of the wart, so is there no trace of cancer.  He showed me that when Bruce’s last PSA was measured at less than 0.01. 

I am standing at a place in time where I need to look back and see the stones that have marked my journey with the Lord.

Less than 0.01 is my Ebenezer stone.  I am going to stand in that place of deliverance and victory and shut up the ‘what if’ voices. The voice of my Lord is familiar to me and I will not listen to the voice of a stranger.

The healing of my toe has been some thirty years ago.  I expect to stand and testify with Bruce in thirty years of the great things our God has done for us because we have chosen to believe, chosen to know our God. We will be 88. Should the Lord tarry.

He has done a perfect and complete work in Bruce’s body.  He has called us out of darkness to live in His glorious light.  He who called us is Faithful and Perfect.

I didn’t plan it this way, but this ‘aha’ moment is the answer to the question in Beckoned by the King “What do you think God requires of you in order to have you become a person who exemplifies strength, dependability and loyalty”?

I need to look back and see all the places God has enabled me to have victory.  I need to trust His faithfulness, trust the perfect and complete work of Calvary and trust the power of the Blood of Jesus shed for the remission of my sin and all my diseases.  I will remember that faithful is He who called me and He is a keeper of His Word.

He says, “Hold fast to the Word of Life.  Hold fast to Truth and surely you shall be kept.  Yes!  Go forth with joy in your dependence upon My mighty Word.  I shall not fail you or disappoint you.  I shall rejoice over you and share My joy with you, thus strengthening you in the continuation of your journey.  By My side and in My heart you shall ever be.  My eye is upon you and  shall ever guide you, My words shall ever encourage and keep you as they run like water, refreshing your soul.”

With love and joy on our journey,

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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    • Jeannie says

      Thank you Lynn. I am wowed by how much He loves me. How close and intimate He is in His knowledge of me and gives me an aha moment at just the right time. Blessings and peace to you.

  1. Mel Thompson says

    Isn’t it amazing how an small “aha” moments in our lives, change all of the “warts ” we think others see? [physically and spiritually]. I’m thankful of the blood of Jesus covers all my “warts” and as long as I claim the gift, I am healed! Always love to read your words Jeannie and the spiritual connection we seem to have as brother and sister in Christ Jesus.

  2. Tawana says

    When I read this, I think of: “It is finished…”
    It really is :)
    We toil, we cry, we try…but Jesus holds out and extends His arm and says, “dear child, I’ve loved you with an everlasting love, come to me, claim to me, it is all done, I’ve done it for you…” even the healing is done,when He sees you, He sees perfection.
    You are perfect, there is no flaw in you.

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