Hope Hears Love Call

Bending low before my King, the shining fine brass of His feet reflects His glory, my eyes need shading from the brightness dancing off His feet.
Hope has heard love’s call.  I have heard His voice in the stillness of the night,
‘Seek the King, seek Him, come into His presence and then take a step further and receive Him, fully welcome Him…and begin to walk in His fullness and His promises.’
Bowing low before Him, I hope my life has been as a grain of wheat, fallen and dying in the ground. I hope my life has borne fruit.
I hope the “chaff” has died long before this day.  I hope.
I hope I can present to Him gifts of gold, silver or precious stones, that which cannot burn.
I hope my life’s pursuits will count for something in eternity. In the now so a difference is made in someone’s life today.
His heart will know my whole life.  He will see the purpose and intent of every action. 
I look at these feet of burnished bronze.
Has my life reflected His Image?
Moment by moment I must decrease and die to my flesh so He can increase and live big and bright through me.
I pray that His Word would burn like fire within my heart, burning away the chaff leaving only treasure fit for a King.
Lord, you have commanded light, your glory light to shine out of the darkness of my life.  You have treasured and loved me, blessed and encouraged me.  You have come and made yourself at home within my heart.  You have not stood at the door wondering if I would welcome you.
You have entered with all your fullness and all your glory. You have waited; just waited for me to seek you, to come into a deeper knowledge of your glorious presence within me.
All of Your glory rests upon the face of Jesus. His gaze rests fully upon my face. Flames of fire seem to dance between us.
You have looked upon my waiting, empty heart and filled me with treasure.
You have not consumed me; you consume me and fill me with Life.
 Jesus you are a treasure far beyond monetary value.Satisfaction for me will only come as I spend you who have already spent your life for mine.
I am valued and you have made me rich.
Longing to know the excellency of your power Father,
I am yours,
Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett 
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  1. Kevin Ashwe says

    The more we become like him the more we enjoy Christianity.The process may be tough sometimes but its nothing compared to the joy and rest ahead.May we always have grace to walk with him.

    • Jeannie says

      What a wonderful realization it is Kevin to know we can ‘enjoy’ our Christianity! May our joy be full as we walk through our tough times, clad in the grace of God. Thanks so much for stopping by! Grace and peace be multiplied to you.

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