Love Poured Like Water

I am your child, Father, and I live knowing you are the All-Seeing One.  You see my past, my present, my future and, as the Eternal Rock of Ages, you see it now.  Time for you is always now and I have learned this by seeing how you answer before I even call.

You know the depth of my need, the fulfillment of every desire.  You have exchanged my heart of stone for a heart of flesh and the heart that you have given me is full of godly desires.  I have heard the proclamation of justice and righteousness resounding in the land and have stirred myself up to seek your face, touch your heart, hear your voice and see the tenderness that marks your ways.  I am overwhelmed by your outpouring of love.

Your love washes over me like a fountain and I can but stay in the midst of it.  In the midst of you, partaking of the meat and drink that you give me.

God's Love is Like Mighty Rushing Waters

 I find balanced rhythm to my life.  I am no longer yielding to the bait the enemy dangles before me, for my gaze has become set upon things eternal.  I am focused on the goal and the way I see, when I look through eyes of faith, so truly determines the perspective I have on life.


You fill my heart with faith and teach me how to view circumstances through the eyes of my heart.  The tricks of the oppressor are clear to me and your sweet voice guiding me is clearer still.

I can hear the excitement in your voice as your hand rests upon me.  I yield to your slight pressure for I have chosen submission to my King.  I turn only to look more clearly upon you and I see your eyes sparkling with joy at my eager obedience and desire to be led by you.

In the fire I have learned your faithfulness.  Your truth burns in my belly, the dross of my life is removed in the furnace of affliction.  I have stayed myself upon you, moving only in response to your call to come, to come nearer still and immerse myself in the love of the Father.  This has become the focused goal of my heart, the purpose that drives me.

Psalm119:121-128  “Ayin”  is the Hebrew alphabet letter this portion of the Psalm begins with. It is likened to a fountain of water.

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