Living Like We Believe

What would our days look like if we truly believed the Word of our God?  Oh, I know we believe it…but sometimes living like we believe takes a back seat when difficulties come our way.

We often have doubt, questioning, and that’s alright because our doubts and questions lead us into the truth.  When God’s Word settles in our hearts and our minds are set on the truth of God’s Word, we then will possess sheer childlike faith and acceptance.

The little things can trip us up. We speak simple phrases without thought of what we are really saying.  A good one for me at this time in life would be, ‘when life gets back to normal’‘.

The truth is, my footsteps are ordered of the Lord, and every step we take is normal life right now. God knows exactly what my days consist of and He has a plan and a purpose woven in even though I may not be able to see the pattern.

When I yield and surrender my heart to Jesus, ordering and watching over my every step is exactly what He is going to do!

Even when my days seem frazzled and out of control, there is One whose control is over all.  I can trust Him.  I can rest in His love, care and great wisdom as He watches over me.  You can trust Him completely too.

Jesus is fully aware of my every moment. I press in closer to Him. He holds my hand.  He busies Himself with my every step.

Life is right now. The promise of tomorrow is not ours and yesterday cannot be relived.

Right now, this moment of time is life.  Treasure it.

There is no getting back to normal.

Each moment we live, Jesus wants to live through us. When we are aware of His presence going before us, we will watch and see Him make our crooked places straight.

In the midst of difficulty, His voice will direct us in the way He wants us to take.  He has an amazing plan for each one of our lives. Learn to trust that you recognize the voice of your Good Shepherd. He will always lead you forth in peace even though He takes you beyond your comfort zone. Peace and joy are gifts to us from the Kingdom.

He uses the hard times of life to prepare us to walk where He desires.  Welcome them don’t despise them.

Circumstances that frazzle our days and make us wish for normal? Whose normal is it anyway?  Consider instead the gift of growth beyond the circumstance, the delight of knowing you can trust the One who holds your hand.

When He is holding my hand, I am exactly where I am meant to be!

Today is a gift from God, today is the day to rejoice and be glad. Our attitude of joy will make all the difference in those times that are hard.

My heart was so touched when my husband was going through those nine weeks of radiation treatment, I never heard him complain.  He always spoke with amazing cheerfulness, he exuded sincere friendliness towards strangers and his actions increased in kindness and generosity in every way.

I marveled at him. I heard and saw his relationship with Jesus. I heard and saw Jesus as His light shone out from within the life of my husband.

He wowed me. He taught me to see the gift in the hard. His treatment time gave me the opportunity to learn how to not allow the circumstance to rule my emotions. When I chose to look at our circumstances through the Word of God, determination and perseverance took hold in my heart.

We wanted our time away to be full of good memories.  When I think back to those months, I can say with complete honesty that they were incredibly special and poignant days.  They were rich with love.  We knew Whom we believed.

We knew Him.  Knowing Him, knowing His Word empowered us to believe.

Faith works by love. We know Him. Knowing Who He is, we believe.  We believe the love God has for us.

We know Whom we have believed and we are fully persuaded that He is able to keep what we have committed to Him until that day.  2 Timothy 1:12

Oh, precious one, will you determine in your heart today to press in to Jesus no matter what is pressing hard around you? Press in with passionate perseverance, you will bless His heart.

Let Him wrap His love around you, rest in His embrace.

Resting, thankful, appreciating Your love, Jesus,

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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  1. Trinity says

    I really need this word today. I must “press in to Jesus”. Thank you for sharing HIS truth. We sometimes get so caught up in the world’s truth that things in life can become confusing. I know that HIS truth never changes and I have to trust HIM. Right now, I’m leaning on HIM. Because if I don’t , I will fall.

  2. Pastor Sherry says

    Jeannie, this is so beautiful, and beautifully said. We’re thinking along similar lines recently. Letting God be God of my everyday life is difficult, because it means I have to surrender control over my day. But when I move over and give Him room, my days to so much better and less stressful. I find it amazing that I have to struggle with this simple surrender. Often I’d rather do it MY way! But when I allow God to do it HIS way, it always works better. Thanks for such an inspiring post.

  3. Mel Thompson says

    The further we stray away from His Word in hard times, the more difficult it becomes to “press in” to His awaiting arms. Through Dianne’s cancer, through my physical difficulties and spiritual attacks by the enemy, I have always found solace in GOD’S WORD. My days can’t begin properly without spirit to Spirit conversation. Always know Jeannie, that you and your husband are always close to my spirit in thinking and the joy you both exude in testimony.

  4. Helen Murray says

    Oh yes, this spoke to me. I’ve been ill lately and I kept saying to myself, ‘When things get back to normal’… and when I was better, something else happened to keep me from my vision of ‘normality’, which for me means an incident-free easy life without challenges. Not going to happen.
    I need to learn just to take one day at a time and trust that whatever curve-ball gets thrown at me, He is in control. If I walk his path, then things are as they should be.
    I’m not finding it very easy…
    Thank you for this.

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