Living Free

There are many things is life that happen to us that we do not understand.  We do not understand them in the midst of the difficulty and in fact we may never understand the reason the adversity comes our way.  We must look to the Word of God and receive our answers there.  When we are confused, bewildered, hurt and full of doubt we are to bring all the resulting questions directly to Jesus.  When we come to Him in faith and true honesty God is pleased with our willingness to come to Him.  He is the One who truly understands us and the difficulty we are in and He will answer us by pointing us to His Word.

As we spend time in His Word, our faith is strengthened, the Light begins to dispel the darkness we have been walking in and our tired hearts are encouraged by His faithful promises.  We choose to change our way of thinking and take firm hold of the comforts from the promises in His Word.  As we choose to trust God in our difficult situations, those things we feel imprisoned and held captive by, God promises to turn that suffering into a blessing and also surprises us by His ability to cause us to bear good fruit as a result.

Praising God keeps anger and bitterness at bay.  Anger isolates us, produces ungodliness in us and eventually can enslave us if we choose to feed it.  Anger smothers love, compassion and forgiveness.

We cannot allow the enemy of our soul to be triumphant in his aim at robbing us of the blessing of God.   Walk in forgiveness and love remembering the grace and love of God that has been poured out upon our lives.

Even as God was with the children of Israel when He lead them out of Egypt so He is with us.  He lead them through the desert and the wilderness and He used those years to test them and to prove their character.  May our characters be refined and defined by steadfast praise to God.  This is our choice and an act of will.

It is the heat of the fire that purifies the gold.  We are not in the fire alone, God is an ever present help with us and He knows exactly to which degree to heat the fire, to temper us, strengthen us and ultimately to bless us.

May we praise Him with body and soul as we walk through the fire of testing, the barren desert  knowing that our integrity and uprightness will keep us as we follow Him through the wilderness.  Being obedient to do what He speaks to our hearts to do, applying and living the written Word of God and in all things giving thanks to God and continually offering to God our sacrifice of praise.

Doesn’t this seem a wonderful way to live ~ free?

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