Living at the Win Gate

Just recently I accompanied my husband on a business trip and we stayed at the Wingate Hotel.  Upon arrival I noticed right away a perfect chair and ottoman in the corner of the large, lovely bright room.  Beside it was a table with a lamp and enough room for a cup of coffee and my journal and Bible.  I thought of it as the perfect place to spend with the Lord and His Word.  I was drawn to that place – it even took precedence over my opportunity to go shopping!

I felt that the Lord had prepared this time and place for me to feed at His banqueting table and I longed to feed and satiate myself with the dainties, the meat, the wine, the oil and the bread of life.  At the end of the day I wanted to have experienced meeting with Father, the King in that holy place – the Win Gate – the place where I stand and know I am more than a conqueror through Christ.

This place of victory,  this place of having overcome because the entrance of God’s Word into my eye gate  gives light, it gives understanding to the simple.  Psalm 119:130

As the unfolding of God’s Words takes place, my mind and my heart receive the light that comes with understanding.  I discern just how very much I need Him and it shows me how very much He loves me.  I realized I longed for Him, longed to hear His Voice in my ear and to taste of His wonderful goodness.  I was thirsty and knew that only His Word could quench the thirsting in my soul.  As I drank from the never ending well of living water my thirst increased – there was and is no end to His ability to fill us.

I recognize that in our lives we are standing at the Win Gate because we know that we carry the power and glory of His Almighty Presence.  We have directed our gaze so that we have Him in clear and sharp focus.  We cling to the Father and not to man.  We may have stayed awhile at the Wingate, now I want to live at the Win Gate, living in the overcoming power of my Lord Jesus.

Acts 3:16 in my paraphrase says that because of the power of the Name of Jesus, through and by the faith we have in the Name of Jesus we are well and strong.  Yes and Amen!  The faith that we have in Jesus, the faith which is through and by Jesus, He has made and given to us perfect soundness of body and mind.

Are you in need of healing today?  Then stretch out your hand to Jesus and receive what He was born to give you.


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