Letting, Learning and Leaning

Psalm 32: 6-11

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;

I will counsel you and watch over you.

 Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you.

“O that you, My people would come to know, understand and experience more of My love for you.  My love, which is always directed towards you, that lives in you.

My love is Who I AM.  Love is living in you just as I AM living and active in your lives.  Come.  Come joyfully, come in repentance, become cleansed in your hearts and minds.  Let the water of My Word, a keen expression of My life wash over you, let it flood the recesses of your hearts, allow it to transform your minds.  Then your actions and your attitudes will be transformed.
Let the love of God take highest place in your lives.  Let it be the only altar at which you bow.
Learn to bow, not because you must, but because you are learning of My steadfast and unfailing love for you.  Bow in awe and adoration of Me.
These reasons carry weight and responsibility on your part, Child of My Heart.
 They are the letting and the learning.  The letting and the learning become the leaning of your entire personality upon Me and Me alone.  
I am the Creator of all, the Giver of good gifts and I AM unchanging, ever steadfast, ever true in My love and plans of good hope for you.
Come.  Come willingly, come eagerly.  Be unafraid of the fire, it serves only to refine you and purify you that you might draw closer still.
I am waiting.  I am waiting with a tender heart of love to pour out on you.
I am your Master.  Learn to trust Me, pressing in closer and closer to Me so that My strength and power may overcome those things of the flesh that threaten to master and overcome you.
You are My Child, made for My pleasure.  I take great delight in having you come into My Presence.  I have need of you because My heart longs for you.  You will understand this as you come to understand more of the true nature of My love.
Come and sit in My Presence.  Can you feel the tenderness of My love?
Listen!  Can you hear the rhythm and music of My heart strings?  They are playing a melody of love for you.  FOR YOU. For others.
 Therefore, Precious One, draw close.  Let the steady rhythm of the beat of My heart soothe you, refresh you.  Rise up encouraged.  Rise up with a new invigoration.  Rise up with a new delight in My Word and a new eagerness to wait for and hear the counsel of the Holy Spirit.
Go forth with tenderness of heart and humility.  These will be your bit and bridle and you will walk in obedience because of your love for Me.
I know your weaknesses, My strength and My grace shall be more than sufficient for you.
I know every area in which you need.  Let go of your box of sand, reach toward Me holding onto nothing of your own, that you might receive a treasure chest of precious gold and jewels that will last for eternity.
You are My Beloved.  Hear and feel the message My heart strings are playing for you.
 Beloved, I love you, I love you, I love you for all of time into all of eternity.  
You are My Beloved, My Treasures in whom I delight.”
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  1. Sheila Edeliant says

    :) Isn’t is awesome how the closer we come to Him, the more we sense His loving presence? Just like it is in the physical world, so in the spiritual. I don’t think we *really* understand just how great His love is, but I sure don’t want to stop trying. ;)

  2. Kristi Miller says

    This is lovely. It brings to mind a study I’m doing that talks about the “Unio Mystica” or mystical union of Christ in us and us in Him. It is amazing to know that His love resides unending in each of us. <3

  3. Mary Gemmill says

    Jeannie…you KNOW how much your writing blesses me….today particularly so as God has asked me to learn to live as HIS BELOVED………

    Thank you for sharing this again..have coped into my prayer journal. xx

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