Letter to the Lamb

I am gazing upon you Little Lamb.  Even though you feel a little lost in the middle of all those legs and bellies and bleating, I can see you.

I can hear your soft bleating; the noise of the others has not drowned out your cry.  My ear can hear you.  Little one, I can see you as you make your way around the pasture.

You do not understand who I am right now.  Time will give you the understanding and experience of my character and nature.

I am the Good Shepherd.  Your Good Shepherd.  I am Jesus. You are not too sure about the rod I carry; I know you are a bit afraid of it. Afraid it might bring pain. Afraid it might corral you and stop you from having some fun.

Both of these thoughts Little Lamb are wise and true.  The rod I carry will bring pain, and I will use it to corral you in and yet the purpose of the pain and corralling is not to be cruel and unjust.

I love you Little Lamb. Even as your ears fill with the sound of the bleating of the other sheep, you feel hemmed in and surrounded by little lambs, I am speaking lovewords for you alone.

You are not yet familiar with my voice.  My sheep know my voice.  My sheep were once innocent lambs as you are now. They have experienced this rod of correction you see me carrying.

I already know you have a tendency to wander off.  All those bellies and all that bleating can be enough to drive anyone away looking for peace and quiet.  Peace and quiet is exactly what I offer you and soon enough you will learn.

Soon enough you will learn by experience that I will always lead you by green pastures, and give you fresh water to drink from the bubbling brook.

But you wander off.  The crook of my staff will wrap around you and bring you back in where it is safe with me.  Little lamb you struggle, you resist. I have borne your pain already.  I break your leg.

You look at me with eyes wide open.  I know.  Little Lamb, how I love you. I will carry you. Tenderly I cradle you in my arms, holding you close to my heart.  My heartbeat comforts you.

This time we spend together now is precious to my heart as you soak in my goodness and love for you. I break your leg in order to restore to you a heart at rest.  There are wolves nearby that would devour you. Little Lamb you need to experience the breaking for the bonding that results from the carrying.

Our bonding now will forge an unbreakable bond between us.

I have given to you a measure of faith. Even though, right now you are unsure of how to use it and walk confidently in faith, this time of healing will give me the opportunity to teach you many things.

I hold you close.  My love is tangible to you, your heart is growing as you listen to my lovewords, hear my words teaching and building you up, directing you in the way I desire you take.

I am fully aware of your worries.  I have already perfected all those things that concern you.

Bring them to me Little Lamb. Be specific. Listen for my voice to teach you how to apply what I have said to your situation.  Ponder my words in your heart, declare them over the situation you are worried about and ask me to help you and teach you to trust me.

Teaching you to trust is one of the greatest joys of my heart!  I want to help you.

As you learn of me, press into me, rather than your worries.

As you keep the eyes of your heart focused on me, your heart will shift, change and mature.  One day you will realize you have grown into a sheep who loves my pasture.

For now Little Lamb, your leg is broken and your heart is bonding with mine.  Rest. Trust that my arms will not grow weary of the weight of your presence.  Soon, you will be able to stand.

In time, you will be one who knows she can trust her Lord to walk with her through the trials and come out victoriously, overcoming by the blood of the lamb and the word of her testimony.

You can do it Little Lamb, you can do all things through Christ who is even now strengthening and encouraging you to walk a higher walk with HIM.

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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  1. Mel Thompson says

    How terrific was that I just read? “BAH, bah…” I’ve heard many times in my journey, people who said “I’ve never heard the voice of God speak specifically to me!” That is because they had too much ‘lambs wool’ stuck in their ears. For as you pointed out, “the lamb will hear and know the Shepherd’s Voice.” So unless you are a GOAT, you will know when Jesus speaks!

  2. Judy Perry Drewett says

    I think this may be one of the most beautiful things I have ever read! So true and so “touching!”. Please keep writing, and may “the Lamb” carry you and keep you safe from harm all the days of your life!
    Love in Christ,
    Judy Drewett

    • Jeannie says

      A humble thank you Judy! So glad there is room for us all in the Shepherd’s arms. May His grace bless all the days of your life. Love, Jeannie

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