Keeping our Lives Pure

We’ve moved into Psalm 119:9-16, the section of verses that begin with ‘Beth’. This Hebrew letter has a  literal  meaning ‘tent or house’ and the symbolic meaning is that of a household.  

As I look at this tonight, I sense the urgency of the need to become that household of God, the pure and spotless Bride Jesus is coming back for. When I admit the  wrinkles in my tent to the Lord, I know He will iron them out for me.  He is so faithful. I am so thankful.

 Can You Hear Him? 

What does God’s word say about keeping our lives pure?

A pure heart is the result of the gift Jesus gave us when He laid down His life for us.  The blood of Jesus was valuable; it paid the price for our redemption.

 One sacrifice, one time for all humanity; His blood has made us pure, He has forgiven all our sin, past, present and future.

 It is not a question of what can WE do, but accepting what Jesus has already done for us.  The gift of His blood poured out is so much greater than gold, and we will lament with the Psalmist as he cries out ‘how can I keep my life pure?’  Just like us, he recognised all the areas of his heart that seemed to be out of alignment with the way of God.

  As long as we keep on focusing on our shortcomings, we will fail and wander from his Word.

Our sin nature pulls on our heartstrings. 

The key to overcoming our sin nature lies in the direction of our focus.  As hard as our sin nature pulls, even more, our heart is seeking after and pining for the King.  It seems a tug of war is going on between our renewed spirit and uncrucified flesh.  You feel it too don’t you?

The Message puts v10 this way:  I am single minded in pursuit of you.  Don’t let me miss the road signs you have posted.

Bruce and I took a trip in our motor home two years ago to a fishing resort we had never been to before. Our trip was pleasant and uneventful, until we missed the very last road sign.  We drove over an hour on a dusty gravel road, internal temperatures rising as the road curved and narrowed with no place to turn around.

After what seemed like forever, we came to a campground to discover it was as far in the opposite direction we could have gone. 

The campground did not look inviting.  The manager was surly and would not allow us on his property to unhitch our boat and turn around without paying an overnight fee.  It was well within our ability to pay him the fee, get ourselves turned around and outta there, but we were hot, disappointed, tired and uh, slightly on the seething side. 

We chose to stay overnight.  We camped overnight in this strange and unpleasant place and you can be sure we were not singing the Lord’s song!

Bruce and I both had the Word of God hidden in our hearts; it was not our intent when we began that day to sin.

The Message, verse 11 I’ve banked your promises in the vault of my heart so I won’t sin myself bankrupt.

It is only in the movies that I have seen vaults, not having enough cash to stash in one, but if the movies hold an ounce of truth, vaults are heavily armored, highly guarded and protected.

The Psalmist is likening our hearts to a vault, not easily accessible or visible to the outsider.

The Psalmist says he has banked the promises of God in his heart.  He has recognized how he has ‘missed the road signs’ even when he has been focused in his pursuit of God.  His heart pines for the King and in spite of the depth and fire of his passion for God, he sins and misses the mark.  The contingency plan for the Psalmist against his day of wandering was to hide God’s word in his heart.

Bruce and I repented before the Lord.  He is faithful and just, He forgave our sin and cleansed us from all unrighteousness.  Once again, we were pure because of the truth of the Word of God.

Morning by morning God’s mercies are new and in the morning, after finding out how to get to the other campsite by boat, we zoomed off across the crystal clear lake.  We didn’t have any idea the Lord was about to show us the story of redemption.  

While we were yet a long way off, the resort owner saw us coming.  She had been waiting for us.  She came running down to the dock greeting us with open arms!  She hugged us both and welcomed us with such love and kindness.  I cried a little bit at the amazing warmth of her welcome, recognizing the lesson the Lord was teaching us.

The first night in the first campground was just plain awful.  We ended up angry at one another, disappointed knowing we had missed a road sign somewhere and we felt this sense of helplessness along with an urgency to leave.

Had we stayed, we would have grown accustomed to our surroundings.  The lake was the right lake and it made no difference where we launched our boat. We could have become comfortable with compromise.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

We hide the treasure of God’s Word in our hearts.  The wealth of that treasure enables us to live victoriously.  It is as we enter into the Divine Exchange and abandon our souls to enter into the greatest love we will ever know that desire for inner purity becomes reality.

Maybe it will take our lifetime but it will be a pursuit greater than gold, greater than anything money can buy.  Love has purchased all we have need of.

Remember, you have been Beckoned by the King!

Can you hear Him calling your name?  Can you hear Him as He encourages you in the way of life, abundant, victorious and pure?

 Listen for His voice calling you and look to see where He is leading you.  He leads you in the way of righteousness, peace and joy.  Enter in, taste and see that the Lord is good.

With love and joy in the journey,

with you in His palm


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  1. Mel Thompson says

    What a poignant story of a FISHING TRIP that seemed…had gone astray. When we travel by car, if we stay focused looking in the REAR-VIEW Mirror, we are certainly going to stray off the road. Maybe, even have a tragic auto crash! But as you pointed out, if we don’t look out the front window, we will find ourselves at the wrong destination. If we listen for God’s direction, our built-in tracking device (heart), He will direct our paths.

    • Jeannie says

      One great reason for keeping our hearts pure Mel! Our ability to hear and listen for the Holy Spirit becomes even keener! Glad for His wisdom and instructions. Grateful for growth.

  2. Amy Hagerup says

    Jeannie, this was an amazing post. I love the analogy that our heart is like a vault where we need to bank God’s promises. Wow. I’m going to remember that. blessings, Amy

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