Joy During a Storm

I have been thinking about how in every aspect of our lives God is desiring that we are obedient to His Word.  Even when it comes to choosing to rejoice no matter what the conditions are that we find ourselves in.  Some of you may have read my last blog posting and considered it to be a shallow perspective, perhaps even a pat answer but my heart says that it is actually a very practical way of being a doer of the Word.  Remember, we are required to obey the Word whether we feel like it or not!

We have all read in Philippians 4 and likely have it written on our hearts “Rejoice and again I say rejoice” but perhaps we do not recall that we are to rejoice because our lives are hidden in Christ.

Just because things are not going very well for me today is not a reason to refrain from rejoicing – circumstances will not usurp my position close to the heart of my Father.  He is my reason for rejoicing.  He never changes and even on a bad day, He is rejoicing over me with a song of joy that resonates with His deep, tender love.  He is dancing over me, singing a love song to me – can I hear His Voice when I am angry, frustrated, disappointed, tired?  Not when I focus on those things.

I can hear Him when I change my perspective and sit at my place at the window in the Father’s Keep and allow Him to teach me to see my circumstances from His perspective.  He gives me insight into His ways and purposes and He teaches me how to have a steady, constant flow of joy that will be my strength to empower me to overcome in the coming storm.  And storm it does indeed, but because I have chosen to sit at the feet of Jesus and take into my heart the Words of life and peace He speaks, my attitude shifts and I am that much closer to having an attitude of joy!

The enemy of my soul wants to crush and destroy the life of God within me; he will do anything to get me to a place of discouragement, despair and darkness in my soul.  I know, because I have experienced this, even as I have prepared these words…The Bible tells me that God sits in heaven and laughs at the plans of the enemy.  And you know something…I can laugh too, I can imagine Jesus taking me by the hand, embracing me and reminding me that His plans and purposes for me are good and that I can have hope for my future.

When we learn that we can surrender our emotions to the Father’s great love and begin to experience the change in our reactions, we will be a strength and support to others in their walk of faith as they too learn to run the race at a steady pace.

We really will sense the power of God at work within us as we reach out holding onto nothing but the Word of God and we will be able to link arms, compassionately strengthen, and encourage our brother or sister.

So rejoice, be glad, your Father and your Friend delights in you, rejoices over you and wants to sweep you off your feet in the most elaborate dance of love there has ever been.

Come, step into the circle of His loving embrace, surrender to His love and let Him deftly guide you and lead you in the Dance of Love.

Can you see the amazing beauty on His face that reflects such glory and grace?  Your face is reflecting the beauty of the Lord too.


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