Jesus is Our Door of Hope

Psalm 119:25-32 begins with the Hebrew alphabet symbol ‘Daleth’, a symbol that looks like an open door when looked at from above.  It is indicative of decisions made from a higher perspective.

When we live our lives ‘seated with Him in heavenly places’ (Colossians 3:1) our souls will no longer cleave to the dust, the ways of the world and men.  Our minds will be set on godly matters, what matters to our Lord Jesus. We will allow His teaching and instruction to raise us up from the worldly ways we have taken.

He so desires to renew our minds by His Word so that our inner man is filled with light and an understanding that far surpasses our mere knowledge of Him.  He wants our knowing to become an experience of His multi-faceted character as He reveals Himself to us in the different situations we face.

The tactics of our enemy are subtle and sly and we can easily find ourselves at an altar of idolatry.  Somewhere a thought expressed itself that would have been better to cast down, brought into captivity and replaced with a thought reflective of the Word of God.  Somewhere indecision lay rampant.  Somewhere a door was left open; somewhere a heart cries for what is pure, true, and right.

Here stands Jesus with sword in hand; here stands Jesus at the door of each of our hearts.

He is whispering.  Can you hear His words of love and kindness, His words reminding us of His strength and His honor?  His whispered words of intimacy are meant for our ears alone and not for a stranger to overhear.”  Beckoned by the King

He will take us by surprise!  He surprised me today and I hope it will be a blessing to you!

He sees the dust on our faces.

The grime on our clothes is in plain view.

Nothing is hidden from Him.

We fall and He rejoices.  His joy takes us by surprise.

He knows our hearts are true even though in our fall we are now all askew

He is glad because He knows we will not stay with our faces in the dust

His embrace is wide; His heart is large with love.

We know face down in the dust is no place to be

We say ‘this is not for me’!

At our rising up, He extends His hand

We are giddy at His touch but we can stand.

His touch burns hot like fire

But we are no longer in the mud and the mire.

Our sin has been confessed

Closer to Him we now can press.

Our aching hearts cry out, ‘Teach me, Your statutes my Lord; teach me to keep my heart filled with Your Word.

Help me to understand Your way

Open the eyes of my heart and give me sight.

Flood me with Your glory light

Let the river of Living Water come rushing in like a flood

For I have been redeemed by Your blood.

Set me Lord upon the Rock.’      

Quietly I sit with You.

A banquet is laid out before me

You open Your heart to me

Your words are like a two edged sword

You cut away grief; You heal shame, Your blood flows free.

I am whole… to be wholly Yours.

Wholly healed, wholly loved

Betrothed to my Beloved.

I wait. I wait for You. My heart belongs to You.

“When your mind and emotions are reeling with worldly heaviness, I will be the Lifter of your head.  I shall cradle your head within My arms and with great tenderness look into your eyes – they are the windows of your soul and reveal much.  I shall speak Light into the darkness there and revive you with My Word.

Choose to have a heart that desires to understand My precepts, for understanding My teaching clears away the shadows and allows you to see the brightness of My light.  From the glow within, your mind will become renewed; you will sorrow in repentance but be strengthened according to My Word.  Godly sorrow leads to repentance.  Repentance leads you into the way of truth and light where I am able to reveal things to you I would like to remove.

That removal leaves room for you to hold a greater degree of the glorious presence of God.  You are designed to be carriers of My glory.

In your falling be determined to rise up and press on, pressing into Me.  We are one and work together.  When you determine in your heart and make a deliberate choice to turn your face to My face, we enter into deeper relationship.  You are fully turned My way, fully looking into My face, intently listening, determined to stay and not to close the door.”

Read Psalm 119:25-32.  Meditate on His Word ~ how much weight do you give to what He says?

Do you take the time to consider what lessons you can learn so you can walk in a manner worthy of your calling?

Are you willing to listen and obey when He speaks to you of changes necessary in your mindset and actions?

Walking with you on this journey for we have been,


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  1. Tawana says

    This was absolutely beautiful, SO beautiful, thank you and thank God! Hallelujah! I’ve been blessed by this. Amen

    What stuck out to me was:
    “When we live our lives ‘seated with Him in heavenly places’ (Colossians 3:1) our souls will no longer cleave to the dust, the ways of the world and men.”

    and: “I am whole… to be wholly Yours.”
    :) God bless you :)

  2. Karen says

    Enjoyed your post! I love the reminder that even our shortcomings and failings are used by God to draw us near to Him. If we turn to Him, nothing in our life is lost and everything can be redeemed!

  3. Mel Thompson says

    Next to THE DECISION to be saved (Accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior), the RENEWING of our mind on a daily basis (unlike salvation) is next in our lives as you so aptly put it:

    “Do not be conformed to this world (this age), [fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs], but be TRANSFORMED (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you]” (Romans 12:2 AMP).

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