It’s No Dream that the Snake is Dead

I awoke with a start the other morning, the sight and sound of cutting flesh vivid in my senses.

I had dreamed a dream so life like, it seemed I could still see, hear and sense every aspect of the dream.

It was a dream to benefit and receive truth from.

I saw a very large snake that was slithering around home. Home was the Church, home consisted of the family of God. The snake would come slithering into view and then go into hiding, only to come prowling again unexpectedly, its sole purpose and intent was to devour.

To devour me and create a path of such destruction, discouragement would disintegrate my hopes and dreams.  Every time it seemed I was making headway toward a meeting of a goal or the fulfilling of a dream out would slither that huge, fat snake.

I never quite knew from where it would slither out, when it would present its ugliness. The Captor had known exactly where to look and triumphantly he stretched that snake out on the floor.  His one foot rested solidly on the snake’s head and the sight gave us a sense of freedom and relief. There were several of us standing just off to the side watching as He held up the  snake and then stretching it  out on the floor, slit it open end to end.

Even in this writing, I can hear the sound of the flesh as the knife rips it open from one end to the other, I see the pallid insides and then the two sides of the snake fell away.

It was dead with no possibility of coming back to life.

Our sin nature is under the Blood and Jesus wants something better, something bigger to live. Christ in us the hope of glory!

The Bible tells me I am a new creation, old things have passed away and behold all things are new. I am to behold the new thing that God has created.

My old nature is dead but I keep letting it slither out of the pit where it belongs. That snake leaves behind a swath of destruction and I keep feeling I have destroyed the work of God in my life.

I don’t know how to find all the places that snake likes to hide, I don’t know when its ugly head is going to show itself or when it is going to slither out into full view.  I only know it appears too often.

And when I am empty of answers and empty of hope, there is One greater than all my despair and discouragement.  He slays that snake and gives me hope for my future.

He sees me standing off in the corner, repulsed by what I have seen and heard. His words surprise me.

He says, “You are My creation, created for My purposes, to be filled with My glory.  Discouragement, despair, disillusionment are dead.  I have watched as you focused on the ugliness you see within yourself.  I have felt your discouragement when the snake has tripped you up repeatedly.   The ugly is gone, replaced by the beauty of love. Focus on the finished work of Calvary. Focus on the marvel of the new heart I have given you and from that place of awe; live.

Let My Word be the joy and rejoicing of your heart and allow My joy to be full in you. Let My grace be sufficient for your every need as you live out of a place of emptiness.  Heart split wide open, filled with My fullness.

In the days of old, men practiced “blood letting” with the hopes of ridding the body of disease. It is only in the letting of My blood your sin is swept away.  Your sin is covered, forgiven and forgotten so do not dwell on your fleshly, natural tendencies.  When you do dwell in that place, all you can see is your inadequacy and inability.  Look to Me, look inward to Me, Christ in you who is the hope of glory. Then you will dwell daily in My presence, abiding in Me. You will drink the sweet fruit of the Vine and My sweet nectar will empower you to walk in the Spirit.

The snake is dead.  I have crushed it with the heel of My foot.  Do not let the fear of what is dead haunt and torment you.  Focus on the victory the Lord your God has achieved for you.  Focus on the mighty torrent of the Blood; be swept away in its power. Let My Word raise you up in new strength.  I am coming for My Bride. She will be spotless, without a worry wrinkle, pure and holy.  You are My beloved.

Learn to live empty, with hearts broken and wide open. As your old nature empties out, your lives will be vessels filled with God’s love, overflowing with the beautiful fruit of the Spirit. Your lives will be testimonies of grace given and received.

Do not try to hide, bear one another’s burdens, encourage one another, strengthening each other in the bond of love.  Live in the light of My glory; know that which is hidden will be exposed.

My glory will be exposed through your lives My beloved, My glory will be exposed!”

Bending low to hear my King,

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett


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    • Jeannie says

      Visuals certainly have a way of getting the message across and into the heart don’t they! Insight ~ seeing inside what the Father wants to do in our lives ~ sometimes He has to use something beyond the norm for us to truly see. Bless you Lynn

  1. Mel @ Trailing After God says

    That is a powerful dream. I often have dreams of battling demons. NOT my favorite dreams at all. It’s amazing in the dream how I have no fear, only strength and anger and I call out the power of the name of Jesus. I don’t know if it means a battle is coming or what exactly but when I wake, I’m shaken. Thanks for sharing this with me!

  2. Helen Murray says

    That is so powerful, Jeannie. An amazing dream (I bet it left your heart pounding!) and a wonderful illustration. Thankyou for sharing it – it means an awful lot to me. I sometimes see my spiritual life like a game of snakes and ladders (I’m not being flippant) and so your image really struck a chord. I climb, oh-so-painfully to get a bit higher and further forward only to be fooled or tempted into a bad choice or discouraged enough to back away from my dream – and slither back down again.
    Thankyou for this.

    • Jeannie says

      Helen, your snakes and ladder game is right on too. Brings back memories of playing it as a child and I still remember the feeling when I had to slide all the way down again! We are walking with Jesus now though and He takes us step by step, all the way to victory! Images are powerful and I appreciate hearing the post struck a chord with you. Bless you.

  3. Eva says

    I love the way this ended. How many know that feeling of the snake slithering out, making our stomach sick AND THEN because of the promise way back when (Genesis 3:15) we KNOW the serpent gets crushed from the one who came from the seed of “her”. Jesus fulfilled that and we don’t ever have to worry about trying to defeat the enemy on our own. As I read I was feeling so sad, but then hope sprang forward from the words Christ gave you, his words of truth about our lives. We are to be filled with His Glory!

    • Jeannie says

      Its no wonder Eva, that there is no better place than to be ‘in Christ’ curled up next to the heart of our Father. Glad that with Him there is always a happy ending. Bless you Eva.

  4. Mel Thompson says

    There is a prophetic word in your dream. A snake will often strike when you least expect it. Being aware of your environment will help prevent a sneak attack by a venomous snake in the grass.

    The second most important thing a person can do in life next to accepting Christ as Lord and Savior is the daily renewing of the mind (Rom. 12:2). That “renewing” isn’t a one-time experience, but a daily awareness. It certainly will help against an attack of a “snake.” Some great reflections from your dream. Many times, we are left with questions about our dreams. But in your case…

    • Jeannie says

      Learning, knowing and walking in the truth is vital in these days. I think if you read my next post “Being Committed to Victory is a Key”, the third picture I drew tells the whole story. Just like you said, we’ve got to renew our minds so the Word flows as a steady stream from us. I thank you and appreciate your insights Mel.

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