It is Well

I have been learning some new things lately.  Last month, I learned that “worry” means “to divide”.

 I had no inkling as to what this day brings.  Worry is a verb, there is action happening but it is not the action that is of faith.

Worry is something that happens on the inside of us, when our minds stew on our problems and all we see are the mountainous challenges we are facing.

Right now, we are facing a mountainous challenge and we could worry.  We could worry very much.  The picture that I see in my mind is that worry is like a spider frantically trying to connect all corners of its web so that the spider can stay in its midst trapping its prey unaware. Worry is set to destroy and bring division within me. My faith-filled words bring destruction to those sticky strands of worry as I learn to think only on those things that are excellent and of good report and begin to speak forth words of life, words of faith.

As I stand in faith, proclaiming the power of the Blood, the power in the Name of Jesus, He will come in like a mighty flood with waters of life I can immerse myself in.  I choose to take each thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ before the web of deceit can divide my heart and bring division in my thinking.

Worry is a web of deceit.  Jesus said I could trust Him and that He would withhold no good thing from me.  The Word of God says God has plans for me that are good and they give me a hope-filled future.  The Lord said He loves me and wants to crown my life with good things.  I choose to believe the Word of God.

My heart cries out with the longing to be constant in meditating upon the loveliness of Jesus, the purity of His love and just in total trust, immerse myself in the love of our Heavenly Father.  Then I will be far, far away from the webs that only bring division in my heart and mind.  I long to have an undivided heart and mind, set, fixed, firm and steadfastly rooted in the faithful words of my God.

Oh, Jesus, bring this about in me, in our lives as your children, as we set ourselves before Your Face.  May we reflect your glory as we choose to dwell in Your Presence all the day long.


Two nights ago, I had a dream about a spider – it had been and was, busily spinning a thick web.  The spider had the web rolled all around itself and I remembered… I remembered what I posted on my Facebook timeline in February about worry being an action that kept us from moving in faith.

Yesterday morning I shared my dream and my thoughts with my husband Bruce, declared ourselves free from the web of worry so that we would be free to see through our eyes of faith, looking only at Jesus who is Healer, Provider, and wants to use US as channels of His love, grace, mercy and healing.

When we are so busy looking at our own challenges and mountains we will not move out in faith and obedience and will remain trapped in that deceitful web that keeps us from receiving our provision that rightly belongs to us in the Name of Jesus. That spirit of heaviness came upon us but we have chosen to put on the garment of praise and sing and speak words that magnify the Lord our God.

When we do that, He is able to move the mountains from our lives and we are free to flow in the Spirit and yield to His desires. Life, health, peace, joy, we will prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers and as freely as we receive, we shall give.

It is well, God is good, He is faithful to His Word, and all of His promises are yes and Amen!

We are going for His promises and shout Victory and Hallelujah from somewhere on our mountain. We will take it and claim the victory and will share the spoils, provision for every need in Jesus Mighty Name!

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