I love those who love Me, and those who seek Me find Me. Prov.8:17

Our loves draw us to one another and bind us to each other.

I love to lavish you with My love and see your hunger for Me set you to a deeper seeking.

True love is safe, it is  a place where two hearts are united in desire to fully know the other.  With love comes growth and the knowledge of Me that will never cease.

You will forever be finding Me for I shall be forever loving you and the love that I cascade over you instills a deeper hunger to see Me in that rain of love.

Just one glimpse of Me sets your feet to  dancing and to run in My direction.

You will earnestly desire to be yielded to Me, obeying Me, surrendering to My purposes; waiting upon Me, and coming close to lay your head upon My breast.  You shall hear My heart and you shall  marvel at what you find in Me.

Capture those things and carry them as treasures within your heart and the purity of those treasures shall bring about purity within you.

I AM the Love That Never Fails

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