I Can Hear You Sing the Blood Song

“Use me today for your glory Father.  I am yours to use as you see fit.  I yield to the moving of the Mighty River that flows from your throne.  Take me; use me today for your glory.”

I can hear your heart cry this too.  You want to be flowing in the River of God, servants of the Most High who yield to My every whisper. Speaking the right words at the right time and seeing immediate change.  Laying your hands on others by the gentlest of touches, the fire of God within you healing them and setting them free.

I have you in the Refining Fire.  Your lives have been impacted by criticism, comparison, impatience, haste, foolishness, unkindness, selfish ambition.  You have need of the Fire of God to burn away that which is ignoble and unclean in your hearts.

I see you.  I look upon you and My heart fills with the tenderness and depth of My love.  You are My beloved children.  You are vessels I indwell, I long for you to be pure and holy, set apart for My purposes.  Willing vessels even if you do not understand what I am doing inside you.

You may be sitting upon the shelf for My purpose but I can hear the song you sing. My heart thrills to hear your song.

Fully walking in Your way.  Fully loving, trusting and entering into Your joy.  Never finding it too difficult to love You with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.  Keeping covenant with You, Father even as You keep covenant for a thousand generations.

To keep Your Word, Your testimonies, not just for the promise of blessing but for the entrance of joy.  Pure sweet joy that revels in Your love.

Why do we so easily and quickly forget about the joy obedience gives?  Can You answer that?  Can You tell me how to share in the same joy You know Jesus?  You have welcomed us at Your table.  Spread wide Your arms to embrace us.  Holding nothing back You went to the Cross because the thought of us, of me, gave You joy!

We walk down the wrong path for a bit until we realize we have wrongly read the sign.  Its easy to do that and find ourselves in the muck and mire.  We didn’t intend to be here, overwhelmed by the darkness of our sin, shame pulls us in.  We are not able to look up and lift our head.

The mess made in our journey heavenward seems too big for us to clean up, step out of and walk away from.

Shame, guilt and unforgiveness grip hold of our heart.  We cannot think of the twelve steps, nine steps or even three steps to freedom.

All we can do, with heart and head bowed is lift our voices as we remember the words of the Psalmist.

Psalm 40:13  Be pleased, O Lord to deliver me; O Lord make haste to help me.

Release from the grip of fear comes immediately.  We step out of that dark pit as the Light of Your countenance shines upon us.

The Blood has dripped red.

Even here. Even now.  Your blood is upon me.  I am forgiven.

Your blood is upon my head.  It was for my sin You died.

Stand with me in the light, brother and sister, stand with me and embrace the Love of this Man whose blood is upon our heads. Let it drip red and cover every spot and stain, every memory that brings pain.  We will be the Body of Christ, pure and unblemished, without spot or wrinkle.  The King will greatly desire our beauty, the soon coming King will soon come for us.  

Will you ready yourself so we stand arm in arm, heart to heart, pure and holy?   Loving one another with fervent love, esteeming and appreciating one another.  Learning the mind of Christ so we are one and the same mind.  He stands before us as a perfect example of humility.

He promises we will walk at liberty and at ease when we seek and desperately require His Word.  Our voices will lift up the Name of Jesus and we will not be put to shame.  We will delight in keeping His law of love for Jesus, Jesus is our living law with love written in His heart.

You are,

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  1. Mel Thompson says

    “…of BEAUTY instead of ashes, the oil of JOY instead of mourning, the garment of PRAISE instead of a heavy, burdened, and failing spirit” (Isaiah 61:3). And the ashes resulting from the “Refining Fire” that separates all the impurities in our lives!


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