I Believe Your Word

Psalm 94:19 In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.

Lord, I come away
Come away from all distractions, cares and concerns.
Here I am, setting myself apart from all the worries of life.
Here I am, Lord anchoring the trust of my soul and heart to You, Jesus.
Anchoring myself to all You have accomplished for us by the shedding of Your blood.
I bind myself to Your word, O God
In the Name of Jesus, I rebuke fear and the borrowing of trouble.
I cast them far aside and I lift up the shield of faith over our lives.
I lift up the shield of faith, the shield of Your favour that says HEALED, SOLD, FORGIVEN, REDEEMED, SET FREE, PROVIDED FOR, BELOVED.

Lord, in coming away, I loose myself from the grip of fear, doubt and what-ifs.  Thank You for Your promise and for the reality of deliverance, salvation and redemption.

Thank You for setting me on high ~ away from the voices of the enemy.

Thank You for being Jehovah Shalom and filling me with peace.  Thank You that You are Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals, has healed and continues to heal.  You are Jehovah Jireh, my Provider.  Thank You for providing health,  thank You for providing a buyer for our home, thank You for healing all of our sickness and disease, for blessing our bread and water and removing sickness from the midst of us.  Thank You that for every need we ever will have, all is provided by Your hands.

Your hands are stretched out to us; they are filled with blessing and power.  God, in taking Your hand, You recharge our battery and give us feet like hinds to stand securely in the high place You have set us.  DSC_0329

Father, in the Hebrew culture, to know something means to BEcome that thing ~ to DO what we know.  It is the learning to BE just like.

I know, Lord, that I can BElieve Your word.  I know, Lord that I DO BElieve Your word.  Therefore, because I can and do BElieve, my actions and thoughts will correspond with what I BElieve.  I will be synchronized.

Thank You Father.  Your comfort has brought great delight to my soul.

If I am going to oBEy Your word, then I am going to BE strong and courageous.  You shall hear my voice speak out words of praise and and thanksgiving during this time of waiting.  We BElieve and therefore we speak~ our BElief, our thanksgiving and our praise for the work God has done.

TRUST in You God, frees us to REJOICE and BE a joyful people. 

Psalm 5:11-12 LET ALL those rejoice who put their trust in You.

( I am trusting, therefore I will BE a woman who is rejoicing and full of joy)

Let them shout for joy because You defend them!

LET those also who LOVE Your Name BE joyful in You.
For You, Lord, will bless the righteous (that’s you and me BEliever).

With favor You will surround him as with a shield.

BEckoned by the King, what are you hearing and how is it affecting how you are BEing?

BEckoned by the King, how has what He has been sharing with your heart, affected and changed the way you BElieve and live?

BEckoned by the King,


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  1. Walter Kahler says

    Beautiful post Jeannie. Your faith is an inspiration and demonstrates the strength you have through Christ. My being has changed drastically since I have continued surrendering myself over to God and His commands are clearer to me. My faith is active and understanding the way His hands work has strengthened my faith. Thanks for sharing the difference Christ has made with you and your family lives.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Thank you Walter. I am glad you can recount all the ways God has changed you since choosing faith in Him. Praying that your roots grow even stronger and deeper in Him. Bless you.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Dawn I know you resonate with the prayer because it is the Word, simply and truthfully applied. Thanks so much for leaving a comment! I appreciate you and bless you in your gifts.

  2. Mary Gemmill says

    I too find my heart resonating with yours reading this precious post…have saved to my prayer journal to read over and digest as it bears multiple readings.
    This is my prayer today, with you:
    Psalm 5:11-12 LET ALL those rejoice who put their trust in You.
    ( I am trusting, therefore I will BE a woman who is rejoicing and full of joy)
    Let them shout for joy because You defend them!
    LET those also who LOVE Your Name BE joyful in You.

    Lord, May Jeannie and I and whoever will read this be JOY-FILLED as we TRUST in YOU, believing YOU for the desired outcomes we are all prayer-filled for,

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Mary, your comment makes me think that there may be many an outcome that would be different if we chose to rejoice and give praise long before we see the desired outcome.

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