How Our Lives Change When our Hearts Choose Forgiveness

Thoughtful Thursday ~ Beckoned by the King 

I heard His Voice last night through the grace filled words of an elderly man as he gently spoke of the power of forgiveness.

For most of his adulthood, he and his family was the subject of terrible injustices.  He spoke softly, tears filling his kind blue eyes and yet with the authority of one who had experienced what he was sharing.

His words described how everyday he had to make a choice to deny his flesh the revenge it sought.  He chose to keep the words of the One he loved and often sought Him with all his heart, with every fibre of his being crying out for the grace of God to overtake and envelope him.

The words are blurry and I cry now because I realize I had not understood the depth of his journey, the incredible intimacy of his walk with Jesus.

He lived the words of Psalm 119: 57-58

“You are my portion, O Lord; I have said that I would keep Your words.  I entreated Your favor with my whole heart; be merciful to me according to Your word.”

He lived within the boundaries of love.

He knew when Jesus said, ‘take up your cross and follow me’, it was exactly what he would do.  He stalwartly shouldered that cross as it cut great gouges in his flesh and hurt his soul, and he walked the journey following Jesus all the way.

The road of forgiveness was the road he walked.  Open heart willing to love and lend a helping hand to others; yet being shut down and silenced by those he was in community with.  How could he bear such injustice?

He was not dropping the cross God had called him to carry.  He did not weaken or lose faith under such a heavy burden ~ I surely would have.

He explained denying himself the ravages of a torn soul and hurting heart and how loving with all his heart allowed him to see Jesus clearly.

He saw how Jesus had denied His flesh, ignored that great crying out to have the burden of the crucifixion pass from Him.  He saw how Jesus forgave all men the grossness of their sin and marked the road to Calvary with His blood.  Forgiveness and healing for us found in every drop.

My friend forgave those who had hurt him so deeply.   He shared how one by one the Lord brought the injustices and the people who had caused them to his memory and asked him, ‘what about this one?’

Always his answer was ‘yes, this one too, Lord, I forgive.’  His face shone as he spoke those words.  His eyes radiated great depths of love and I know he forgave me too.

In listening to the words of this kind, godly man, I know I heard these words lived out:

I thought about my ways, and turned my feet to Your testimonies.  I made haste and did not delay to keep Your commandments.  The cords of the wicked have bound me, but I have not forgotten Your law.  Psalm 119: 59-61

Beloved, will you remember to keep His love law when you are hurt too?  Will you turn quickly from the injustice and do that which my friend did, what Jesus did?

I open my heart and stretch wide my arms and say, “Father, I choose to forgive in the name of Jesus.  If they knew what they were doing they wouldn’t do it, so I forgive, fully and freely in Jesus name.”

Do you feel the exhilaration of freedom, of a heart unbound?

Will you testify of His goodness by leaving a comment?  I would love to hear of how God has blessed your heart and to know you too have found the freedom only forgiveness can bring to our souls.

With humble heart,

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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  1. Patty Christison says

    That was beautiful,Jeannie. This elderly man truly had a revelation of the cross of Christ and what was accomplished for us there. As we fix our eyes on Jesus and gaze upon all that He did for us on the cross we live in His grace to follow His example.
    God bless you,
    Love Patty

  2. LaRhonda Ladner says


    This story reminded me of my sweet, God fearing, Daddy. He was that man who lived in the same community with others, poured his heart out for his people (not out of ownership but out of responsibility) and yet was rejected by those he tried to get to understand the love of Christ. Daddy was a deacon in our local community church. Although he never made claim of any sort, he was also a Watchman and a prophet. I say this with all humility. I watched this man walk daily, minute by minute close to our heavenly Father. Many thought of him as a fanatic. He was indeed, fanatically in love with Christ, obeying him until the very moment he was called home. When I read or hear messages, especially those of the biblical characters, I see my Daddy in many of them. I love where in the Bible it tells us about Caleb having a different spirit. Daddy was different but others could not see or refused to give this man a chance. I am so grateful to my Lord that He allowed me to be the daughter of one of His great servants. When you have a chance, please read Psalm 71. This scripture was read at my Daddy’s funeral. The day he passed away, the pastor asked if there was a specific scripture that the family wanted read. My brother went to Daddy’s well worn Bible and it opened to this passage. How fitting! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Susan Ryan says

    Beautiful story Jeannie–forgiveness is indeed the key to everything. Any unforgiveness in our hearts keeps us imprisoned in it and we have no liberty in the spirit. Forgiving someone that has hurt us doesn’t say that what that person did is okay–forgiving sets us free and surrenders the situation to God. Having been in abusive relationships made this difficult for me to understand as a young Christian but over time as I grew spiritually I was able to keep forgiving and keep my freedom in the spirit!!! Isn’t this a wonderful thing to finally grasps!!!

  4. Mary Gemmill says

    A lovely post Jeannie…….may we keep short accounts and not hold ANYONE in unforgiveness, for it is we ourselves who suffer if we do.
    Ministering to my mother for her last 2 years was incredibly hard as she has an opposing spirit…but what got me through was the prayer Jesus prayed from the cross: Father forgive her, she knows not what she does.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Mary, it was my husband who taught me how to say that same prayer and it has been a wondrous strength in keeping my heart free from offense. I say, I choose to forgive in the name of Jesus, if they knew what they were doing, they wouldn’t have done it. Amazing what some faith filled words can accomplish. So glad to hear He carried you through your journey.

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