Hope in Faith

Hope in Faith

Have you ever thought about how precious the relationship was between Abraham and God?  Here he is, the father of our faith, living his life in the wilds with an intimate relationship with the God who spoke to his heart and revealed Himself through creation.

God was so real to him that Abraham believed the promises God spoke to him, obeyed, and acted in the ways God encouraged him to.  Over the years of his life, Abraham developed an intimate relationship and chose Him as his God.

Abraham believed all that God spoke to him about and when it seemed that God’s promises may not manifest, sure Abraham made a few mistakes, he was just like us.   Abraham acted outside of the covenant he shared with Sarah, outside of the promise of God and thus Ishmael was born.

In spite of what he saw in his natural world, Abraham developed intimacy with his God, hoped in faith and chose not to look at the temporal circumstances of his life.  Abraham did what we sometimes find so hard to do.  He called those things that were not as if they were, he hoped in faith, he believed the promises of God were in the process of manifesting in his life and because he believed, God counted it unto him as righteousness.

What About Me?

Sometimes when we want something really badly, it is easier to pretend we will not really care too much if it does not happen.  I am like that anyway, maybe not you, but I have realized that I do this.

I tell myself it does not really matter, it is OK, and half a dozen other lies and I tell them to myself so I will not be disappointed if the particular dream does not come about.

I bury my passion and I detach myself from what I really would love and just think of it as something exciting that is “out there” and too good a dream to actually hope it might become a reality for me.

I have dreams I would like to see become reality.  I have itemized each one, they are Scriptural and completely in line with God’s Word and His Promises.

A Happy God

Today I looked at one of the list items and the absolute reality of the words I have been writing and the Bread I have been breaking struck me…. My dreams are important to God, He put within me the ability to dream and to create and I am not to hide them on the back shelf as if I were ashamed… Today I purchased everything necessary to create a dream book, a place where I can cut and paste pictures, write out promises, and begin the process of bringing the dreams into reality.  My Father has a desire to bless me, to pleasure me, to delight in me.  He is a happy God.

We Do Have a Responsibility

Psalm 119: 4-5 You have commanded us to keep your precepts diligently.  Oh, that my ways were directed to keep your statutes.

The Word of God commands me to read His Word and to keep His Word hidden in my heart so that I will not sin against Him. It is not an option.

When it comes to the quality of our walk with God verse 4 pretty clearly indicates that it is up to us to keep it strong.

I know that is a little different take than what we are used to…I hate to say it…but…belly aching, complaining to God and pestering God to do something, anything for us is not quite what He has in mind for us.

Romans 4 talks about Abraham “hoping in faith and it was counted to him as righteousness”.

That Scripture to me is a picture of hope securely nestled within the circle of faith held even more securely by the promises of God.

My faith protects my hope.  The Word of God builds and keeps my faith strong.

I know that the Word of God tells me He has good plans for me and that those plans will give me a future and a hope.

The Psalmist tells me God will give me the desires of my heart.

Paul encourages me to get excited about dreaming with God because He promises to do super abundantly beyond anything I dare ask or think, infinitely beyond my highest prayers, desires thoughts, hopes or dreams.

What glorious incentives to grow in my relationship with the Lord and stay closely connected!

I learned today that it would be wrong of me to look at my list of hopes and dreams and lay them aside thinking…maybe I am not good enough…

The Lord is Generous in His Giving

My Lord wants to give me the desires of my heart.  He wants to fill my life with good things, as I am diligent to keep His Word.

Therefore, I must speak to myself!  I must speak to my nature and tell it to get in line with the statutes of God – His Word.

I must speak the Word to the twisted, distorted and bent areas in my inner being and direct those thoughts and ways of being into the Shepherd’s fold.

It is my responsibility to rule my nature with the Word of God and not allow it to run rampant and undisciplined.

…Why does so much of life go by before having these Rhema moments that change the way I will do life from now on?

…Even as simple and basic as our health.  It is easy to slack off on good dietary habits, getting good doses of fresh air and exercise and put those on the back shelf as if they were unimportant. It is pretty obvious that is the twisted, distorted and bent thinking part…the  alignment comes as we treat our bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit and say no –  directing our ways away from slackness and lack of discipline.

When we have lived honoring our mothers and fathers we can claim as our own the Word of Promise in Ephesians 6:3 “That all may be well with you and that you live long on the earth.”  We will stand secure and deeply rooted in God’s Word.

Strength and Wisdom Make a Difference

When the strategic and deceitful lies of the enemy rear their ugly heads, we will stand strong in the Lord wearing the full and complete armor of the Lord.

We hold up the shield of His Word and can speak the Word because we have been faithful to hide it in our heart.

When I have the thoughts of “Oh no I wouldn’t be good enough for my hope to be fulfilled I will cast it aside”, in essence I am calling God a liar.

Do you have the right mindset?  Would you like to pray this simple prayer with me?

“Father, forgive me for having the wrong mindset.  Forgive me for not understanding how precious and valuable I am to you and that my dreams are important to you.  Oh, God, I never thought of that before~ that my dreams are important to you!”

With expectant heart and open eyes we will see the hand of God at work in our lives as we seek His Face.

The writer of Psalm 119 had tremendous insight into the heart of God.

Diligently obeying the precepts of his Lord

Would develop discipline in his

Spirit man to direct his

Nature and character

To line up with the

Word of God.

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