His Heart is Set on YOU

Do you know that God’s heart is set on YOU?

When we make a decision to walk in the ways God has set out for us we soon realize several things that melt our hearts with love for Him.   And when we do walk in His ways, His heart melts with love for us!

As Lord of All, He is Kind, Benevolent, Merciful and Gracious – He is these things towards us and we are the first in His heart.  His heart is set on us and will not be moved.

His thoughts towards us are as the sand of the sea…we will never comprehend or fully know how much He is always thinking about us and how He considers us to be the shiny, untarnished, unblemished apple of His eye.

His heart is set on you and He is determined that the good and perfect plans He has made for you and for me come to pass in our lives.  He has our very best interests uppermost in His heart – how can we hold onto stubborn, stiff necked pride in the face of the pure love of the King?

As we learn the art and discipline of yielding to the Lord’s Word, we will begin to see the level of purity rise up in our life.  Sin no longer holds the sparkle of excitement that it did in times before we discovered the joy of repentance.

  Instead we are filled with a greater desire to press into the Lord, to accept the taking of His yoke upon us and shoulder the ease of His burden and the lightness of His yoke.  A yoke keeps us in step with one another and brings balance to the work that needs to be done.  It is no longer all my thing, all my doing.

Can you just imagine it – you and Jesus walking the way of life – His wisdom whispered in your ear always guiding and leading you.  Your life full and rich with the blessing of God because you have chosen to heed His directives.

  There may come times when we want to wander off for a spell in the pastures that look lusher and greener on the other side of the fence and yet His yoke ever so gently reminds us of our need of repentance, and to just allow Him to shower and enfold us in His love.  Soon we will find that our energies and focus are on living a life of obedience to Him.

Learning to be obedient to His Voice and to His Word helps us to walk in step with Him and brings us that much closer to fulfilling the highest law of all – the Law of Love.   In verses 5 & 6 of Psalm 119, the Psalmist’s words of desire give us a very clear picture when he says, with great passion in his heart, “Oh that my ways were directed to keep Your statutes, then I would not be ashamed when I look into all Your commandments”.   He,  like me, and maybe just like you, is recognizing traits about himself that are ungodly, displeasing even to himself!

Shame will not triumph over us!  We have the overcoming victory by choosing to obey the Word of God! The gentle leading of the Holy Spirit at work in us has a purpose – to overcome our natural, unrestrained by the Word of God behavior!  

I have learned that gentleness, an active force of of the Holy Spirit, creates something new in my soul.  It tames the unruliness within me and brings me into subjection to the Word of God.  I like it when that happens!  Praise begins to flow from my lips and I thank God for teaching me how to live His Word.

They are no longer rote words of law – I have experienced and seen the change they have brought to the hidden, inner parts of myself that I would rather not have to deal with.  I have been learning the perfect love of the Lord.  Have you?  

Let’s commit to allowing the Holy Spirit access to our souls where our lack of restraint has run rampant.  In our day to day lives let’s learn to be sensitive to what He is speaking to us so that His Voice becomes the loudest voice in our days and then, let’s hasten to obey.  Soon we will find that our obedience to His leading and to His Word become a superbly natural part of the way we live.

Will you let Him reign in all aspects of life so that in turn He can bring blessing to every area of your life?

Remember, beloved, His heart is set on YOU!         

with you in His palm 

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  1. Kristi Miller says

    I love the imagery this conjures. The idea of God whispering in my ear, pointing me in the right direction if I take the time to become saturated in His word is enough to give me chills. I am working on handing over the reigns to Him in more and more areas. I have been slowly evaluating my life and each thing in it and self-assessing whether or not I’ve consulted with God on each thing. It has been a eye-opening and heart changing experience. God bless, Jeannie!

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Kristi, isn’t it even greater to know He has given us the Holy Spirit as a ‘comforter’ for those times we have the chills! Sorry couldn’t resist that bit of humor! I am glad He helps us find our feet when the footing is unsure and takes us by the hand and leads us. God bless you Kristi!

  2. Ellen Chauvin says

    I love this: The art and discipline of yielding to the Lord’s word. I have honestly never thought of yielding as a discipline. Thank you for opening my eyes to this! Visiting today from #RaRaLinkup

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Ellen, thanks for leaving a comment after your visit and I am glad your eyes were opened to see a fresh perspective! Blessings to you as you learn the discipline of yielding in your own life!

  3. Dawn says

    Hi Jeannie, I loved reading what you had to say about God’s love and how it changes our hearts. Yes, it’s the Holy Spirit, working in our hearts, that allows us to live in the way that God calls us to. Thank you for sharing these encouraging words.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Thank you Jess! Learning as I choose to listen and obey, I also fully trust! Even if it seems I am falling backwards with my eyes closed, I know His arms are round about me. Round about you too as He holds and treasures you close to His heart!

  4. Kaitlyn says

    “As we learn the art and discipline of yielding to the Lord’s Word, we will begin to see the level of purity rise up in our life. Sin no longer holds the sparkle of excitement that it did in times before we discovered the joy of repentance.”

    Hoollyyyy mollllyyy how much I needed these words.

  5. Joanne Viola says

    Jeannie, I am ever grateful for the way God speaks into our lives through His Word. Your words reminded me of this verse which I read earlier this morning, “When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue & honor them. I will reward them with a long life & give them my salvation.” (Ps. 91:15-16). Oh the many benefits of coming to Him each day for what we need. Grateful to have stopped here this morning!

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Thanks Joanne, and thank you for sharing a great verse with me this morning. It blesses the sox off me as it is a perfect verse I need for a friend in trouble! Thank you for stopping here and sharing your comment this morning. Bless you!

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