His Glorious Goodness

                                  The goodness of God,

          His glorious goodness is on my mind this morning!  

The Lord has excited me in the realization that He is nothing short of amazing, the way He provides for our every need. Our Lord has it all covered even before we know the need exists!

He gives great grace and peace to us; He multiplies it in the giving in fact! As we grow in our knowledge of God, of Jesus our Lord we begin to think, speak and act rightly.

God’s divine power has already given to us all things that pertain to our lives, every single need is met. When we listen to the whisper of the Spirit, He teaches us how to live a life of godliness and wisdom.

We begin to appropriate and assimilate the knowledge we have gleaned over the years.  Something just “clicks” in our spirits and we know we are getting it right this time.

It doesn’t matter how the circumstances appear, the Word of God has already provided the solution. God is not ever going to fail us, leave us alone and helpless, wandering adrift in the sea.

He calls us to Himself.  We are baptized in Him.  Jesus was baptized in the Jordan.  A river that flows.

A river symbolic of the place of dying to one’s self.

The river flows round about us, swirls and eddies, swishing us clean in the constant flow and movement.

Are we ready, are we willing to get real to the stuff in our lives?

Are we willing to let the River of Life wash us clean from our incorrect ways of thinking, speaking, and acting?

Are we willing, ready to go under?  Do we trust the One who holds us in position?

Do we trust Him fully?

Are we confident in His strength to build us up as we lean back in His embrace?

Can we feel the whisper of His breath as He speaks peace to our souls?

We are baptized in Christ in the Jordan River.  Isn’t it amazing to think how the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea?

Great riches have been discovered in the Dead Sea.  Some even say it is the richest place on earth!

What we think is dead and gone forever, the Lord transforms into beauty, richness, abundance, blessings that overtake us, overcome us.

The blessings overtake us because they are traveling in the same direction we are.  The blessings of God flow faster than our circumstances.

Surely, I will praise the Lord in this moment of time for His goodness and mercies are following me.

His blessings are overtaking me, I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.

Forever settled in heaven is this matter.

 God is good, His character is unchanging, has stood the test of time.


Psalm 119:41  Let your mercies come also to me, O Lord, your salvation according to your word.

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  1. marygems says

    I love it that the blessings of God overtake us- thanks for this incredible insight!

    I am half-way through Beckoned by the King- I can tell I will be reading it several times as there is so much in it that delights, inspires, challenges, uplifts and teaches me-

    You’re a blessing & I thank God for you!
    Lord, I pray that You will pour out Your goodness on them, and may the joy they have given to others be returned to them many times over.
    I have not stopped giving thanks for
    you, remembering you in my prayers.
    Ephesians 1:16

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