His Blood Poured Out

When our problems and challenges loom large, fear, and worry looming larger still

There is One in whom there is a place of peace, rest and trust

Faithfully he covers us ‘neath the shelter of his wings

Faithfully, generously he feeds us meat from his table

In the very presence of our enemies

His hands reach out to us

Filled with the essence of himself.

His blood, his Life Force, poured out for us, upon us

The bread and blood of his body, the perfect sacrifice

Atonement made for sin and sickness.

Every step of our journey

Counted, blessed, directed

It began with the Covenant (Hospital)

The first leg of the journey, a clear and obvious reminder to us of our Covenant Keeping God.

He keeps covenant with us. With you. He is personal and longing for intimacy with us, His beloved.

God made a covenant by the shed blood of Jesus. The shedding of the blood of Jesus would bring salvation from sin, provision for healing from all disease.

Will we accept the sacrifice? Will we receive the promise of that bloody covenant?

We have received salvation; we believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord.

We have received healing and our words agree with the Scriptures.

We speak with confidence and full assurance of God’s truth. We declare boldly that Bruce was healed by the stripes of Jesus because our God is a Faithful, Covenant Keeping God.

I feel like God is shouting ~, I AM for you.

Every day we have come to the Cross-that place of horror turned beautiful.

The Cross-where Jesus poured out his blood. Fulfilling Covenant.

At the Cross Bruce is assigned to Unit 7. Seven signifies a complete and perfect work.

A reminder that the Covenant God made was through the shed blood of Jesus at the Cross – His, a perfect and complete sacrifice made for our salvation and healing.

The shed blood of Jesus poured out as he bore the 39 stripes upon his back. I have heard it said that those thirty-nine stripes are indicative of the root of the thirty-nine diseases known to man.

We are reminded of the Covenant God made as we countdown the thirty-nine radiation treatments. As of today, Bruce has six left!

Six more times we will meet at the Cross at three pm.

Three pm. The ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice “It is finished!”

His, the Perfect Sacrifice. His, the Blood shed for the keeping of Covenant. His, the body hanging on the Cross, His, a perfect and complete work.

Help us Jesus, to hunger and thirst for You alone and eat Your fresh manna moment by moment, hour after hour.Our desire is that our lives bring You glory and honor.

Will you bend your knee and bow your heart in humble adoration for all God has done for you? Will you receive and take for yourself the Bread and the Blood so freely offered?

Come to the Table. Come hungry, come thirsty. He will meet you there.

God is shouting, I AM for you! Can you hear Him?

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