Going Home


After nearly two months away from home, now it is time to pack up the apartment and get the truck loaded so we can be on our way home as early as possible on the 28th of November.

We will be renting a U-haul cargo trailer to take home the furniture, TV and sound stuff we were able to purchase here in order to replace what we lost in the flood.  The next few days will be very busy packing up and cleaning up – in Amy King’s words, “this soon to be forgotten apartment.”

I must brag on God – we have been so blessed in our time here.  His Presence has continually filled us with joy. Joy has strengthened us for the challenges of each day.  We are very thankful to God for providing this apartment for us and especially for looking after all of our needs.  It cost us, because of God’s blessing, five dollars a month. Yes. We serve an awesome God!

At the Cross, He has set up divine appointments, we have prayed for people, and just plain loved ‘em. It was a teary day yesterday as we said goodbye and hugged someone who was there for a last treatment.  My heart has been so moved by compassion I have moved out of my shyness.  I instigate conversations and ask people their names ~ the love Bruce speaks with moves my heart to tears. He feels their pain and uncertainty even more than I. People are waiting, wanting to be cared about, putting on a brave face and hoping they will go unnoticed. They are not unnoticed by God therefore, they are not unnoticed by us.

Today I have a lunch date with Bruce and several men from the office ~ Today we say goodbye to a couple at the Cross we have had a great relationship with. I taught her how to knit, shared the love of God with her and His desire for her.  We will stay in touch.

Saturday evening we are having dinner at a couple’s home ~ we met her at the Cross too.  Instant connection and she called me yesterday to set up dinner for tomorrow.  Her husband’s employer is the same as my husband’s and it was like family. Awesome encounter. Divine encounter.

Sunday is our last service at Lighthouse Church. Lunch plans afterwards have just been made. Our hearts have connected with many there.  I cried last Sunday at the thought of leaving ~ no doubt it will be the same this Sunday. God’s presence has been a powerful force and we leave touched and changed by His love. Friendships in Jesus are so precious. Friendship with Jesus is even sweeter.

Bruce this morning said he feels like a champion. He has so much to share and I am looking forward to his days of scribing what the Lord has put in his heart.  Many days I have not been able to find my own words as my heart has been so filled with the profundity of his.

We are homeward bound.  Thank you precious brothers and sisters for your prayers. I can never express how my heart has been touched, changed and strengthened by the love you have shown.  Thankful we are forever His.

We look forward to the days that are ahead, we look for the treasures in our now moments knowing the days we look forward to, we quickly leave behind.

As I prepare for the coming days I bless you. I bless you with abundance and the grace of His love. I bless you with sound minds and open hearts that drink the love He pours out on you without measure. I bless you with peace and joy.

Listening for his heart,





P.S.  I wrote this because I wanted to tell you I am going to have to take a bit of a blogging break. Will see you soon though, probably around the first part of December.

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  1. Patty Christison says

    Jeannie-what a beautiful, rich testimony of God’s mighty power working in your lives!! Thank-you for sharing your journey through this time. The Lord has done great things in you and through you. You are blessed and are a blessing!!

  2. Pastor Sherry says

    Jeannie, I love your awesome testimony of God’s goodness! He has truly been with you, and you have recognized it. Spiritual friendships are precious and it sounds like you’ve added more to you “family.” Thankfully, although it’s hard to leave them, in Jesus, leaving is never final. So thrilled for Bruce’s progress! May God continue to give him healing, and may God’s love shine brighter and brighter through both of you.

  3. Helen Murray says

    A wonderful mixture of joy and sorrow at the closing of this part of your lives. Thankyou for sharing what must be such a tender, vulnerable part of you. Your testimony to the love of the Lord Jesus and his provision is touching and inspiring. Thankyou.
    And safe journey.

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