Giving Thanks Spites the Enemy of our Soul

Over the weekend I discovered that my blog account has been suspended for reasons beyond my knowledege and control. Part of me wants to take on a grrrr attitude!  Today I am choosing to give thanks, to be truly thankful for all I have been given.  It isn’t easy and I know the only way I am able to be changed is to enter the Presence of the Lord.

And so, I come to Him. To be changed by Him.  To surrender my will.  How else shall I be able to surrender to the greater power of the love of God and love others with His love?

I come to change my world-wearied soul for peace. Peace moves me to a place of quiet in my soul.  I am learning to trust God more and more.  The deep rest in God settles me as a nursing child receives comfort.

We come into His Presence sometimes feeling desperate in our need to change – we have read His Word, prayed His Word, but wait! Have we been bold enough to LIVE His Word?  When I do an accounting of my life, I have to admit I do not live it well enough or often enough.

What I want, more than anything is to live my life from the place of security next to His heart. In Him – in Whose Presence is fullness of joy.  To live my life in the conscious awareness of His Presence with me.  To travel far beyond head knowledge to that place where the depth of knowing Him is like a vast ocean before me.

I am in that Ocean, supported by Him, finding He is far deeper and far more real than my highest hopes and expectations.

He tells us to “Seek His Face” even though our faces are ever before Him.  Nothing that our “faces” are trying, hoping to cover is shielded from Him. We can hide nothing in our thoughts, attitudes and behaviours from His knowing and yet His love for us is deep and true.  Something we can count on and trust in.

Entering  His Presence with thanksgiving, with the intent of change.  It is not an automatic shifting from one way of being to another, we have to practise change and consistently choose to do and be the change.

And when it’s so hard and our flesh feels like reeling against all that we know is right, pure and lovely? What must we do?  What are we to do?

We enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts.  We arrive at the gates with thanksgiving in our hearts choosing to move away from the place of angst. We have looked for ways we can be thankful and chosen to speak words of thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving belongs to us. In cultivating a thanks-giving heart we begin to see the miracles and blessings in the common of our everyday lives.  Our direction and focus changes and even in the midst of turmoil  we have planted our feet at the gates of the King speaking out our thanks.

Today in the midst of turmoil over my blog account being suspended for reasons beyond my knowledge and control I am giving thanks.  He is good and His love endures forever.  It is enduring today, His love is not beyond my reach.

Praise God for His faithfulness!  All has ended well!  Giving thanks for a God who causes all things to work together for our good!

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