He Has Freed Us

How precious are His thoughts toward us.

Oh, My children how often you become enslaved by your memories, allowing yourselves to be held captive by those very things  I freed you from.

Even as an awl pierced the ear of a slave who chose to stay with his master because he loved him, so have I chosen to have My hands and feet pierced with the nails of Calvary.  I have loved you from everlasting to everlasting and in order to bring you back to My heart the sacrifice of love had to be made.

The guilt of your past has been wiped clean by the Blood shed on Calvary’s tree. I have redeemed you and bought you for a price. The purchase was for a redeemed and set free people.  Do not allow the memories of the past to override the joy of what I am doing in your life today.

Behold, I am doing a new work and want you to recognize it as it begins to come forth.  It is time now for you to see the springs gushing forth in the places that were wilderness.  It is time now for you to see abundance, growth and fertility in what was dry and barren ground.  Yes, I am doing a new thing in your heart. Watch for the newness I am bringing.

I am with you, I go before you and I guide you continually.  I shine light on your path and reveal the way I have chosen for you to take.  Do not let the memories of the past hold you in bondage and captivity any longer. I Am a consuming fire and you stand before Me, pure, holy and hungry. 

Allow Me My place as the Lord your God to go  before you as a consuming fire. Not only driving away that which is unrighteous around you, but also burning away the unrighteousness in your own hearts.  My Blood has purified, redeemed and cleansed you.  

Allow Me to redeem your memories from the pit and place you somewhere fresh.  That place, My Beloved is beneath the flow of Blood at Calvary. Present yourself and each pain filled memory before Me at the Cross.  Let the Blood cover you completely; immerse yourself in the knowledge of My love and rise up in purity. Those memories will not keep you enslaved to sin.

You are a new creation,  every part of you has become new.  Treasure My words in your heart, ponder them.  Be certain of  My knowledge of the deep desires of your heart and I Am, even now in the process of meeting them. Filling your desires above and beyond all that you could ask for or possibly imagine.  You are precious in My sight and I will continue to bless you and pour the goodness of My love into your life.  Trust Me as I work in you and in your behalf to bring My purposes about in your life.

Nothing is hidden from My sight and nothing is unknown to Me.  Allow Me to guide you and you will receive and walk in the rich blessings of My promises to you.

I Am your Father, I  love you. I see you. I am He who blesses your life and crowns you with good things from My hand.  Allow yourself to receive the generous way I choose to to give into your life.  The richness and fullness of the blessing I am pouring into your life is far greater than you can imagine for I Am the God of Abundant Love and Abundant Life.  I AM the Good Shepherd and Giver of all good gifts.

You are a gift to Me, My precious child.  Ponder that.  You are a blessing to Me as I see you desire truth and purity in your inmost being.  The Holy Spirit dwells within you, continue to listen attentively and continue in obeying the promptings He places in your heart.

Blessing results from obedience.  My heart is touched with joy as I see you choose and desire to walk in obedience to Me.  I will never forsake you.  I will pour generously into your life knowing you are a channel of My love and blessing.  To more fully receive, continue your giving of yourself to Me.  You are beloved and I will give to you the desires and deep longings of your heart.

You are precious and have been

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With love and joy on our journey,


















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  1. MariaWong says

    Dear Jeannie,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. How important it is to know who we are in Christ and that the Spirit of the Living God living within us – guiding us daily. Since Christ paid the price for our freedom – how we need to treasure His love and walk closely in obedience to what He has called us to. Thank you for your words of encouragements.

  2. Mel Thompson says

    With the weather getting cooler, and the tree’s leaves are beginning to fall once more, I almost dread the idea of raking up the mess left in the yard. It seems like I no more get the job done, and I’m back out there with the old rake once more. Your post reminds me, that the blood of Jesus covers all “the mess left in the yard” (past sins), once and for all. No more turning over the piles of dead leaves, no more dreading of what will come, of re-doing the same task and remembrance of the past . The work is done once and for all- for an eternity, and if God doesn’t see the dead leaves in my life because of His Son’s completed task on Calvary, then I should enjoy this time of year…every year and every day of the life I have left here on earth. Thanks Jeannie, for your encouraging words.

    • Jeannie says

      Wow. I love your analogy Mel. That gets me excited as I look at our leaves changing colour…falling. I’m so glad God has done an eternal work in our lives. A work He says is perfect and complete.

  3. Jay McAnally says

    Wow! This was amazing, Jeannie, thank you! This is something I think we all need to hear every single day. I know it’s something I’ll refer back to whenever I feel discouraged. :) God Bless!

    • Jeannie says

      Thanks Jay! Blesses my heart to read your comment and I pray that God will pour out on you the oil of joy and give you ears to hear everyday! Cuz, we all need to be strengthened by HIS joy and have ears to hear HIM speak to us day by day.

  4. Tawana says

    Hi Jeannie,
    Thanks for this, I really liked it. It reminds me of Isaiah 43:18-19, where the Lord says, “Forget the former things, don’t dwell on the past. Behold, I’m doing a new thing!”
    It’s timely for me as I was going through a season of accepting that I DONT have to work for my salvation and that it was all complete at the cross.
    It was all about finding freedom, and not being so busy. It reminds me of the story of Martha and Mary, and Jesus said, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” -Luke 10:41-42
    Please pray for me in my journey/walk in spending time with Jesus :)
    God bless you sister,

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