Fearless Soldiers

Life right now is so incredibly busy, so potentially fearful and in the midst of busyness and activities outside the norm we must remember to make time to seek the Father’s Face.

He knows our way, He knows the details of every single day.  Our hearts are open books to Him.  How it pleases Him when He sees His word written across our hearts.  Can you imagine the joy our Father must feel when He looks and sees that we are fulfilling our calling as Image Bearers, as people who reflect back to Him the fullness of the Image of the Son?

Oh, but it takes courage and discipline to be diligent in hiding God’s Word in our hearts and being faithful to speak out those faith filled words. Even as the Father created in Genesis through His spoken words, so He wants us to align our lives up with His Word and begin to speak the Word of Life and create our dreams and desires.

We long for health and wholeness in our lives right now.  Our job, our mandate is to fill our hearts with the Word of God so that when we speak, we speak from a position of faith.  Fear would love to grab a hold of us but when we are holding onto the anchor of God’s Word, fear must leave.  It must leave – but it doesn’t leave without a fight and so we must, as soldiers in the Lord’s army, be people of discipline, people who know their Commander In Chief and are fearless in obeying His Word, His command.

As an example, we are declaring our lives to be healthy and free of disease.  The Word of God says that by the stripes of Jesus we are healed, but, we must be willing to obey the fullness of God’s Word and take care of our bodies knowing they are temples where the Holy Spirit dwells.  We must change from our wanton ways and discipline ourselves to eat differently.  This means informing ourselves about the effects different foods have on our bodies and then when we know the right things to eat and do, so we must.  The cravings come, the memories of certain foods linger….my goodness is this what the Israelites felt when they left Egypt and wanted to return because they missed the fare of Egypt?

There is no fear in love – there is no condemnation to those in Christ.  That’s me and that’s you if you are His child!  Do our sinful ways break the Father’s heart?  No!  He sees that our hearts are set on Him and glory to God! He does not look at what He sees on the outside, He looks at our hearts!

When He looks at our hearts, He sees them through the Blood, He sees us covered in the Blood, under the covering and protection of the the Blood and He says,

“There is one who loves Me.  There is one whom I love.  I will undertake for them in their struggle and I will teach them how they can have victory with My Word.  Even now, truth is rising in their souls, even now, they will yield to its perfection.  Even now, they are so beautiful to Me; in the midst of the raging war, they are one who loves Me and love is proven in their fight to be disciplined and ruled according to My Word.”

This is the reason why there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ.  Just because I blow it does not mean I am failing or unworthy.  I will reap the consequences of my actions but the situation becomes the opportunity for me to enter farther into Love, to have an experiential understanding of the mercy, compassion and loving kindness of my Father.  Even as He allowed His arms to be stretched out on the Cross in order to shed His Blood, so He uses those same arms to enclose us in His embrace.

God’s grace has come to us.  Will you receive it, will you receive Jesus and allow Him to reach deep within and purge you completely?

 Psalm 119: 153  Look upon my affliction and rescue me, for I do not forget Your law.


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  1. Lynn Mosher says

    Jeannie, such a great exhortation. I loved it. And this: When He looks at our hearts, He sees them through the Blood. Thanks for sharing it. Blessings to you!

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