Fear Not

When difficulties come into our lives, instead of being anxious and ultimately slain by them, let faith well up from deep within, knowing without a doubt that this is not a trouble unto death, but rather a Call to Arms.

Trouble is a call to unity within my own tent so that my arms can be linked to another, free to hold on because I am holding nothing but the power of God in my life.
It is a Call to Arms within the Body – to weep with those who weep and to rejoice with those who rejoice; to cover the back of a fellow servant, to intercede, to strengthen and do our part in protecting them.
The Call to Arms is the Call to Unity. Jesus longs for us to be one as he and the Father are one.

Our unity comes at the cost of obedience, letting go of pride and allowing God to establish us through difficult circumstances so we can sing of his great love and how he has turned our mourning into dancing.

For how else shall we dance with joy and hopeful exultation unless we have known despair? How shall we have beauty for ashes, save for the fire of refinement?

“Fear not, be of good courage.”  These are not just words of encouragement but commands by which we are to live our daily lives.  Our lives are lived moment by moment, one action at a time, and we must live them specifically and focused on the only thing that brings life, light and clarity to our souls.

Jesus can be seen, if you look, with arms wide open without a worry or care, and yet, as the one who carries us, his intercession is constant and sure.

When the disciples had been out fishing all night without catching anything, they were discouraged.  When Jesus appeared and told them to cast their nets out on the right side of the boat, he was also instructing them to do away with their weary discouragement and obey him.  Jesus had seen them toiling unsuccessfully, and as he sat on the beach cooking a breakfast of fish for them, his heart longed for the time when all men would walk in steadfast truth and obedient faith.

Our sins have been covered, gone forever in the sea of God’s forgiveness and forgetfulness.  If we would learn to heave and cast with enthusiasm our cares upon him, our aim would become sure to never miss the mark.
Right at this moment, in our time, in our world, God is perfecting all those things that concern us.  God is fashioning and forming the things that whittle away at our peace into something that will ultimately bring him praise, honor and glory.

The month of March has seen us go through some times that are beyond challenging, beyond anything I thought I would be able to bear. I am constantly aware that my mindset needs to refocus its gaze so that I have all my hope in God’s Word.  I am also acutely aware that without the prayers of my brothers and sisters in Christ, I would be having an extremely difficult time standing in faith today.  I thank you from the depth of my heart.

Where have you been seeing improvement since you began to be more serious about applying God’s Word to weak areas of your life?  Begin making a list of all the way God has shown you that you are in the palm of His hand.  Think of tough times and record how God cared for you.

 Psalm 119:88  Revive me according to your loving kindness so that I may keep the testimony of your mouth.


Please share your comments as we learn and grow from each other.  We are on this journey to eternity together!

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  1. Karen Pendola says

    When have I seen God’s work in tough times. My husband had his first heart attack just 6 years into our marriage and before we could celebrate 10 years he had been into ICU several times. Young or not we could not deny we were in for some rough seas. Our son was 5 yrs old and I so wanted to keep his life balanced when Mike was sick. This is impossible. But all things are possible with God. Our baby became his Dad’s babysitter following discharge so I could continue to work and bring in money. I worried about when he would be so ill I would have to put him in a nursing home (his Dad died in a nursing home on Father’s Day trying to get dressed to see and hold them). NEVER did I think that God would allow us to age ……. together! What a blessing. We have lost two babies and seen our dear son married to a Godly woman that homeschools their four children. Totally unexpectedly I was disabled by chronic pain in my early 50’s and had to go on Social Security disability. My husband followed me SS disability 4 years later as his ejection factor (what strength the heart could push out blood) that was below the lowest allowable percentage. We have just quietly lived our lives and rejoiced in all God’s wonderous deeds. At this point I am stronger in physical ability and clarity of thoughts. I can withstand quite a bit of pain. I helped my Dad thru hospice. Can I stand in full requirements of caregiver when he goes on hospice? I don’t know so I just continue to trust in God and wait and see. Daily reading of the Biblle has increased my reliance. I was able to tell my pastor today of the joy of joining a group of women who would drop everything to pray, pray, pray. I was able to reach out – and once again God had the answer in place prior to me meeting the problem in the narrow road we must follow to reach the end of our journey. Praise God and all glory to God!

    • Jeannie says

      Karen, thank you for sharing your heart. There is so much strength available to us when we choose to be vulnerable. Our hope and faith rest in God alone for He is faithful and true.

  2. Sunny Rowe says

    Thank you for this wonderful study. This is the first time I have been able to get to this particular page, even though I *like you on FB. I don’t know why .. and I don’t know how I did this. But I am intrigued by your book. We hold a Bible study at my home, and we are going through Catherine Martin’s “Race Before the Wind” a study of Acts. I am going to propose Beckoned by the King for our next study.

    Love you in the Lord, dear sister.
    Sunny Rowe ?

    • Jeannie says

      Thank you, Sunny, I know that your Beckoned by the King study will challenge and bless your heart. It does mine – everytime and how I love the way the Lord shares new levels and new perspectives! Look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Florence Achama says

    Hi Jeannie, I too am intrigued by your book :) I love the way you deeply reflect on one aspect of God at a time, there is so much of Him to reflect on and learn. I just wanted to share my own insight on fear and God’s command to be strong and courageous. I believe that every word of God is alive and creative, so that when God speaks such words over and to us He is causing us to become that thing which He has spoken, this is a very encouraging thought for me particularly in relation to fear as it means that I can just let go and allow God to make the necessary changes in and around me that will enable me to develop strength and courage.

    Your sister xxx

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