Experiencing the Joy of Flexibility

It was after church on Sunday that I invited them. She warmly welcomed and graciously accepted the invitation to dine with us. We were looking forward to the time of fellowship around our table and sharing the goodness and generosity of God.

Then it happened! The inspiration to paint our main floor hit me. Bruce and I have been talking about it for ages without coming to any decision. Last week I had another friend come to visit particularly to help me with color choices. We were on the same wavelength and once I was decided about the colors, I could hardly wait to begin.

So I didn’t let the dinner invitation I had extended stop me from dismantling the living room. Although on the morning of the dinner, I questioned myself, even giving thought to postponing the meal.
Then I remembered my post of the previous day titled, Rise and Give Thanks for God’s Goodness. It was all about flexibility and allowing ourselves to be pliable, flexible in His hands so He can lead and guide us in the way He wants us to go. I gave God thanks. For the ability He had given me to physically do the job, to have my own home that I was allowed to paint and simply for the blessing of having my own home.
I decided to let God stretch me and make me more flexible.
My eyes found the hands of the clock, taken off the wall and resting against the back of the chair, I wondered how I would ever get the painting done, clean up the painting mess, put the living room back together, vacuum all the sanding dust off the floors, furniture and coffee tables and prepare dinner and dessert. I wasn’t even really sure what was in the fridge. I didn’t want to stop and have to go to the grocery store. This was, after all, the second day in a row without a shower…(yeah).
It had all started with the fireplace 2014-03-16 13.54.59 HDR

Priming and painting over that mauvy rose, replacing it with a color copying freshly churned cream with the bottom drawers black to match the slate hearth ~ well the change was dramatic, welcoming, refreshing and clean. The very heart of the living room had undergone a complete transformation and the walls cried out for the same.

How could I not listen and respond? I silenced my excuses, the voices of the critics within. Bruce had sanded and prepared the walls for me and now it was all up to me to begin. 2014-03-18 07.09.29 HDR
I was choosing to be flexible, choosing to move outside of the daily, ordinary activities of my day.

Most surprisingly of all, I felt like I was keeping in step with the Lord.

Laundry was sitting in the dryer, the kitchen counters full of painting stuff and I was moving furniture, removing blinds and pictures

And the Lord was speaking Words of Hope and Comfort to my soul.

2014-03-19 15.39.53 HDRI am removing some old patterns. I have bought you with the exorbitant price of My Blood because you are loved. You are My beloved, priceless and precious treasure.
I will not leave you or forsake you.
I will not leave you as you are. I will not leave you in the same condition as when we met.
I will not forsake you when you feel the frustration of fettered desires. I will come to you as the fresh snow that today covers your landscape this first day in spring.
What I am doing in the landscape of your heart is unique. Others are experiencing the spring rains, dust and drought ~ and in each I have a plan and purpose for you.
I am changing the walls in your heart. I am bringing a refreshing to you and while I am doing the bringing and the refreshing, you must do the yielding of those walls to the work of My hands.
Flexibility, moving in step with My Spirit requires wisdom, understanding of My way. Flexibility invites freedom so you can focus on what I am saying and you catch a greater sense of what I am forging within you.
Rest in My love and know the fullness of My peace. The work I am doing is a complete and perfect work and you will lack no good thing, for surely I have already given you all you need for life and godliness.

2014-03-19 21.59.01Our friends came, shared a meal and their hearts with us and here’s the thing. Fellowship in our homes isn’t about whether or not the house is put together ~ it’s how our hearts are put together. Are we sincere in our love, generous with the gifts God has given? Do our friends know they are more important than the dust bunnies lurking in the corner behind a pet’s forgotten stuffy?

Sure, our homes, people say are a reflection of who we are, but um, the truth is, none of us are perfect. We all have dust bunnies hiding somewhere and we all have walls the Father wants to paint with His hand of love. 

Today is kind of a rest day for me. I planned on getting caught up with laundry ( and yes, with just Bruce and myself, I can get behind but it’s never that huge mountain others speak of. ) There is lots of ironing to do and the kitchen counters still have all that paint stuff on them. My day was kind of half planned in my head…and then the phone rang. It was Bruce! He was coming into town to 2014-03-19 22.01.25take me out for lunch and would I be ready in half an hour? I said yes because I am learning the joy of being flexible in the hands of my Father.  

And if you would like the recipe for what I made for dessert, here it is.  When you first make and taste it?  You will wish you had made a double batch!  I served it with fresh strawberrries and oh, such a refreshing dessert it was!

Lemon Curd

half a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice

zest of two lemons

half a cup of Butter

2 cups white sugar

6 eggs

Combine all ingredients in saucepan.  Cook mixture over low heat, stirring until thick.  Cool and Enjoy!


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  1. Carol says

    Jeannie. This is beautiful. What a transformation in your room. Thank you for sharing. And oh how your message goes right along with your preparation of your room. I love how you said “yes” for lunch with your hubby. Love unplanned times. They are the best. God Bless you and thank you for sharing your heart, you ministered to me!

    • Jeannie says

      Thank you Carol, I love how when I look, God shows me the lessons in the mundane that have a profound effect on my heart. And how blessed I am to know your heart was ministered today by these words and pictures of transparency. Bless you my friend.

  2. Wanda says

    Jeannie, I love the lessons God was teaching you about our hearts. Love the new open airy look of your blog as well. Hope you are enjoying some time to relax this weekend.

    • Jeannie says

      Wanda, so glad to hear you like the new airy look of my blog. A change in heart and home just all has to go together doesn’t it! Appreciate your thoughts.

    • Jeannie says

      Shade, I am so glad you came by and shared your thoughts with me! I am thankful that my heart, Christ’s home is always made new and fresh by the Blood.

    • Jeannie says

      Anne, isn’t it precious to know that our God will never give up on us and He will complete the perfect work He began! So glad you stopped by to share your comment.

    • Jeannie says

      Lyli, embracing the challenge of change requires a pliable, teachable spirit and I hope I am softening and learning to embrace the challenges the Father sets before me.

  3. Denise says

    Being flexible and more on the spontaneous side has always been a struggle for me; I am such a “list” person, and really don’t like the unexpected! Ha! But I continue to learn that flexibility is important because it often indicates how teachable we are, shows our complete trust, and allows our lives to grow and allows our lives to change.

    Great post; I am sure lunch with your husband was a sweet unexpected blessing! And…the dessert sounds delicious!! :)

    Blessings; thanks for visiting me over at Refine Me!

    • Jeannie says

      Hey, Denise, I can sure relate because I haven’t ever been as flexible as I am learning to be now. Oh, you are so right when you say it helps us to grow and change and most of all trust in the Lord with all our heart. See you again soon!

  4. Marilyn says

    Awesome analogy of making changes to your home and God making changes in your heart. Such a beautifully written post. It encourages me to be more flexible and allow the Lord to lead that flexibility. Also, I so appreciate your visit to my blog and glad you enjoyed my post. I look forward to reading more of your writings. May the Lord richly bless you!

    • Jeannie says

      So glad you enjoyed this and saw the analogy Marilyn. Hoping we always have our eyes open to see what the Lord is wanting to show us and the ways He helps us make changes.

  5. Tawana Ray says

    Amen Jeannie! Praise God! thanks for this!!
    Ironic how I also just did one on food and ministry! Something’s in the air! haha! :)
    All was beautifully written, but what stuck out to me was “I am changing the walls in your heart.” Amen to that! Praise the Lord that He takes them down and we are able to fellowship with Him even more because of this! amen!

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Tawana, great to see you again! I think what is ‘in the air’ is the Holy Spirit as He hovers overs us as He is changing the walls of our heart. I really enjoyed your post on food and ministry too.

  6. Karen says

    There was a time in my life that a disruption in my plans would throw me into a complete tizzy. God has reminded me that it’s important to “cease striving” and live a life of “rest.” Flexibility and allowing God to rearrange schedules is definitely part of that! Thanks for the post! (And, LOVE the room make-over!)

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Thanks Karen, God is really helping me to just ‘flow’ and remember fellowship is just that. While I want my home to be welcoming anytime, so much of it has to do with the state of my heart.

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