Exercising Hope in God is a Great Exploit

Does it bring great comfort to your soul to know God carries you in the palm of His hand; He loves you and presses you close against His beating heart?

It does me.  Knowing and picturing me in the hollow of His hand has rather wowed my heart when I realize the Holy One has used that same hand to measure the waters in and with its span measured heaven.  Truly, who are we that He is mindful of us?

We are His lovers, His companions and the joy of His heart.  We are the reasons He is love.

We are the reasons God is Love.

Daniel 11:32 speaks of those who know their God; the verse says those who know Him will do great exploits.  A ‘great exploit’ and dream for me would be to sell 50,000+ copies of Beckoned by the King, to speak once a month at various events, to have the truthwords of my heart touch the lives of thousands of men and women.  Yes, those would be great exploits.


One of the greatest exploits we all are capable of is ‘hoping in His Word’.  We hope when the circumstances of life look bleak and dark. Hope is the light in our spirit that flickers and grows bright and because hope arises from our renewed spirit, we hope in faith.   Our soul, (that which is our mind, will and emotions) may faint as we wait for the salvation of our God, but hope rises in our spirit as we focus our hope on the Word of God.  Psalm 119:81

When we walk and pass through the valley of the shadow of death, we will hope and be triumphant.  When Bruce and I walked through the days not long past dealing with the ramifications of cancer and death, we didn’t think about great exploits.  We thought about making sure we knew our God and knowing God resulted in a great exploit as we witnessed and were recipients of the miraculous hand of God working in our behalf.  Our faith is a testament to the doctors and to those in our community.

We will lift up Jesus our Banner of Victory knowing He is Jehovah-Nissi our victory! Lifting up the Name of Jesus during our time of trial is a great exploit!

Pressing in and learning to know who our God is, that too is a great exploit because it’s hard to press in and be faithful and confident in a God who has no skin but whose words on paper are sure and true.

When we know our God, fear and unbelief will not hem us in.  We are held in the hollow of the Almighty’s Hand.  And those waters He measured are not going to sweep over us, we are not going to be lost amidst the bright shining stars, for the glory He has placed within us will shine brightest of all.

A great exploit is walking up the hill before us, hiking up that mountain so our legs become strong and our muscles well formed.  He enlarges our heart in the climb so we can carry more of Him; breathe more of Him in.

What we do on the mountaintop is not the ‘great exploit’!  The great exploit is gradually, here a little, there a little, being faithful to walk forward, to be the friend who covers the back of our brother or sister with prayer and a loving touch.  What will it matter what I do on the mountaintop if my behavior and 2014-05-13 07.44.13attitude on the climb are not glorifying to our Lord?

When we know our God, our life of faith will be our greatest exploit, for His love frees us to rest in His unfailing Word.  So don’t be discouraged if you think or feel you are not where you would like to be.  God knows exactly where you are on the hill and He is forming in you the perfect resemblance of the Image of the Son.

Shall we commit to hoping in His Word and waiting on the Lord so we can rise up with wings like eagles?  Shall we trust Him to crown us with loving-kindness and tender mercies as we climb the hills of life?  Shall we lift our voices in one accord and bless Him for satisfying us with good things from His hand and renewing our youth like the eagles’ in the hardest moments?

Sometimes, the greatest exploit is being a friend to one in need, by giving our two mites because we have opened our heart to the needy.

Hope in faith and feel the hand of the One who loves you with an everlasting love.

Standing with you in love,



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  1. Carol says

    Jeannie. Thank you for your beautiful encouraging words. Yes God uses us everywhere & anywhere we just have to be open, ready & willing. My prayer is always. I want to be the hands, feet, eyes, of Jesus, I want to pray like Jesus love like Him, touch like Him, minister like Him. I want more of Him & less of me. Amen ??

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Oh, the joy as I read your words Carol. Thinking of the joy Jesus felt as He thought of us, as He sought for the one. Thank you so much for sharing your comment. God bless you as you live and love like Him!

  2. Sue Detweiler says

    Love this: “One of the greatest exploits we all are capable of is ‘hoping in His Word’. ” His Word is the foundation of our hope! Thanks for sharing.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Thanks so much for coming by Sue and sharing your comment. Sometimes we can forget that the greatest feat is making the journey up the mountain at all! Our foundation in His Word secures for us the victory!

  3. Wanda says

    Jeannie, I always find your words encouraging when I stop by. I particularly like how you pointed out that great exploits are not always what we might consider big things but rather taking consistent steps and keeping eyes focused upon God and His word.

  4. KalleyC says

    “A great exploit is walking up the hill before us, hiking up that mountain so our legs become strong and our muscles well formed. He enlarges our heart in the climb so we can carry more of Him; breathe more of Him in.”

    Your words move me and is truly a great encourager and reminder how God uses us differently; as long as we open our hearts and minds to Him.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Oh Kalley, and how vital it is that we take the place God hopes we will move in…our worth and value to Him is so great, He only made one each of us! Thanks for coming by today, it was great having you visit. Sending you blessings!

  5. Dolly@Soulstops says


    This: “Lifting up the Name of Jesus during our time of trial is a great exploit!” and your comment about believing in God and His Word really resonated with me….Thank you for reminding us of how great our God is….Glad I linked up behind you at Lyli’s blog.

  6. Debbie Prater says

    Thanks for the good word. You know, I’ve always believed that when we get to heaven we will be surprised by what is noticed by our God. Most of it will be what we believe is completely unknown by others. God sees the motive, and what we do behind the scenes. That will probably garner the larger reward and praise, rather than what we did just to get the attention of others.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Debbie, I think you are spot on in those thoughts! It changes how we live life that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing a comment that provokes my heart to seeking Him FIRST always.

  7. Darren the Disciple says

    Wow! Just last night at a men’s Bible study we were talking about hope, and your post reminded me about a specific discussion – We were saying how people back in the day of Moses had to have faith that Jesus WOULD come, and we have faith that he DID come. It’s really all about having hope in His Word, like you said.
    Also, the other night my dad (who is still a new Christian, even more so than myself) was asking me about Noah’s Ark and how he really was stumped on how it was possible to create such an ark to fit two of every animal. I just had to explain to him that it wouldn’t be faith if God explained every single little detail to us. We have to have a little trust in His word that what He says is the truth.

    Very good timing on this post, Jeannie.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Darren, I am so glad you shared your thoughts here. Faith is surely the assurance of things hoped for and mixing our hope and faith with choosing to listen and obey the voice of the Lord makes for an exciting, vibrant relationship with our God. Praying you and your Dad will grow strong in your faith with roots deeply planted in God’s unfailing Word. Bless you.

  8. Christine Duncan says

    Fabulous. I too have always loved picturing being physically in the palm of His hand. It gives me instant peace and strength.
    I always love your writing, Jeannie, but today’s is powerful and so encouraging! Thank you!

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