Declaration for our Difficult Days

Promises from Proverbs 4

Even though my days seem difficult, I know I can turn to Your promises found in Proverbs.  I choose to declare those truths today over the difficulties and thank You for the promises fulfilled.  You are a good God with good plans for us.

No hindrance will cause my steps to falter when I walk, my path will be clear and open and I run freely without fear of stumbling.

The Lord is my confidence and He shall keep my foot from being caught in a trap.  The Lord is my light and salvation and He will protect me from all hidden dangers.

The Word instructs me in righteousness.  I take firm hold of instruction; like a hungry child, I hold onto it tightly.  I guard it in my heart and will not let it go.

Father, thank You that the path You have prepared for me to walk is like the light of dawn.  With the light of Your Word, shining upon my feet there is an ever increasing and expanding glow of light.  I know and can see the way You have purposed for me to walk.

As I walk this path with its ever increasing Light, I listen for Your Words to instruct and guide me.  I recognize Your Voice, my heart and soul consent and submit to what You are saying.

Even though there is so much activity in my daily life, so much to think about with all the changes that I know are imminent, I make a point to be deliberate about reading Your Word.

  Most of all, in spite of the emotional challenges in the changes, I keep Your Word as the centerpiece in my heart.

Your Word will add beauty and grace to my life.

Your Word of Life is life to me; Your Word is healing and health to all my flesh.

No matter what I see around me, I will be vigilant to guard my heart!  It is full of treasure the enemy wants to steal.

  The Word, hidden in my heart has a worth far greater than gold, for out of it flows the springs of life.  A life brimming over with the blessings of God, which neither silver nor gold could purchase.

I will speak Your Word and sing songs of victory as I walk the path before me.

Though the temptation may come, I will not allow my lips to form words of doubt and unbelief, words contrary to Yours.

When the temptation to speak like this comes, I will push those thoughts away and put them far from me.

I will recognize quickly, the deceitfulness of the enemy as he tries to get me to speak in ways that are contrary to Your Word.

If all my ways are to be established and ordered aright, then I must be watchful over my heart so my words will be an echo of the Word in my heart.

Therefore, I declare my heart is settled and confident and steadfastly trusting in You, Lord; so shall my words be, no matter how difficult my days are.

Thank You for giving me wisdom.  Thank You for Your promise to give all your children wisdom when we ask of You.  Thank You for Your grace, mercy and kindness towards us.

May the Word of God be forever in the center of my gaze.

I declare that fixing my eyes upon Your Word is my fixed purpose.

Your Word corrects my vision and gives my sight to walk in Your plans and purposes.  Your Word leads me in the way I am to go and You will establish my way as I walk straight ahead, veering neither to left or the right.

My heart is at peace knowing I am in the palm of Your hand,

with you in His palm

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  1. Ceil says

    Hi Jeannie! If your desire is to fix your eyes on the Lord, then you know the Lord will honor that.

    I do get so much comfort in the Lord and his promises in the Scriptures. And I see him working in the world and in my life daily. It’s such a blessing to have open eyes. I need to work on that more really. The more open I am, the more he fills. We are blessed indeed.

    So nice to meet you today! I’ll check out your FB page too!

    • Jeannie says

      Thanks for your visit today! Its so true, the more our eyes are open the more we have overflow of the blessings of God. Trusting yours are spilling out and blessing the lives of others as you love those around you.

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