Creative Crushing


With thankfulness and humility, we come before the throne of our Lord.  We can be thankful that He receives us, accepts us, looks at us and says, ‘Behold, there is My beloved, they are coming again and how I am looking forward to spending time with them.”

We have a heart full of thankfulness and are aware of the weight of HIs glory upon us, aware of how the weight of His glory feels like it is crushing us.  We do not want to move away because we have learned that the crushing weight is removing the impurities from our lives and leaves us full of new wine.

We have learned to wait, here in the Presence of God for His glory to fall, ever so precisely upon us, upon our waiting hearts.  We declare that we will never stop waiting and that we will always welcome the crushing of His glory upon our hearts.

We wonder who can stand when His glory falls… we know we will not stand in the way we stood before, our stance and posture is straighter because our roots have grown so much deeper in the soil of God’s Word.  We have learned to become vessels who freely welcome Him and long to be able to stand as the crushing weight of His glory maximizes our ability and capability to hold Him, to carry Him within our earthen vessels.

May it be the heartfelt cry and deepest desire of our hearts that sin no longer have victory over our flesh and yet realizing that He has formed and fashioned our flesh, He looks at us and thinks we are beautiful because we have been created by His hand.  We are handsome, winsome, and beautiful simply because we are His.  May there be a cry in our hearts to have our bodies bring glory to God that even through our flesh His Word is triumphant!  Let us ask Him to use our bodies as an instrument that brings forth truth and wisdom, encouragement and exhortation in right living, speaking forth the wonders and oracles of God with bold confidence, not shrinking back but seeing the doors He opens for us and walking through knowing that He will reward us for our patience.

Our God is good!

His heart is yearning to walk in close fellowship with us, His heart is yearning to be one with us, so let us each ask Him to fill our hearts, fill them to the brim so that they overflow with grace and mercy, love and joy.  He is looking for a relationship with us that is deep, intimate, and intensely personal.  This is easy for Him because He knows all things but we need to develop that depth of personal intimacy with Him.

Let us ask Him to orchestrate our days so that they resonate unity; they are lived in unison with the plans and purposes He has established for us.  Let there be a great readiness within our hearts and souls to live in the ways He has established for us, a great readiness to accomplish the plans and purposes He has for us.

A great readiness – this means a time – the time of preparation is upon us.  This is the time, the hour and the moment.

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