Created for Pleasure

God has created us with the ability to sense and He has given us different means of sensory perception.

  • Our Sight
  • Our Ears
  • Our Taste
  • Our Smell
  • Our Touch
  • Our Intuitions
  • Sight

We cannot physically see Jesus today but He is the Word of Life, the flesh who became the Word, and as our eyes look into the “perfect law of liberty”, we see Jesus revealed to us.

The Word of God reveals to our sight the many attributes and character of God.  The eyes of our heart are enlightened bringing understanding to that which our physical eyes have seen.

Sight ~ in the presence of God we begin to see with eyes coloured by the perspective of Jesus.  We will begin to love as never before.  We will have seen the Written Word and with a heart transformed by the Father’s love revealed therein we will see others as worthy of love and acceptance.  We will love without judgement, showing grace and mercy to all.  Our sight will be set on Jesus the Lover of our souls – our minds, wills and emotions.

  • Ears

We will walk uprightly and with purpose upon the straight and narrow path.  We will walk with confidence having heard His Voice speaking the words, “this is the way, walk ye in it.  Turn not to the left or the right but walk, run in the way of My commands.”

The Voice of the Word of God, a voice thundering like the sound of many rushing waters or the sense of the still small voice gently speaking to our hearts.  Our ears will hear intelligently, we will be silent before Him, we will wait for Him to speak peace and life to our souls and we will hear in order to rise up and do His bidding.

  • Taste

We have had a time of communion with our Lord, we have tasted of His goodness, and we have eaten at His table.  There, we have been one with Him having partaken of the blood and the bread as have fellowshipped with other saints.  As individuals, we have tasted and savoured the goodness of God; we have found Him sweeter and finer than honey in a honeycomb.  Sometimes, the first taste of His will is like bitter gall and then we find His loving kindness and grace adding something richer than anything ever before experienced.

  • Smell

Now we are walking in unity with believers.  We have an understanding of the giftings set within the heart of the children God has claimed as His own and instead of competitive striving; the oil of the Holy Spirit causes us to operate in unity, peace and harmony.  Love flows.

As we love one another, we learn the joy of intercession.  Our prayers are fragrant incense rising to the Lord.  It is a pleasing scent to Him.  Through us, He diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. To our God we are the fragrance of Christ amongst the unsaved; we are the aroma of Christ Himself, the One who gives abundant life.  Have we sensitized our “scent glands” to His fragrant aroma?

  • Touch

Have we stooped to touch the hem of His garment; even as He felt the virtue, the power God had invested in Him flow out of Him to touch and bring healing, are we touching, and are we in recognition of our hopeless state and utter need of Him?  Only as we touch Jesus can we touch the heart of God.  God’s heart for humanity is life, abundantly lived in Him now and for eternity.  When we touch are we doing so gingerly or do we reach out with heart and arms open wide to fully embrace Him?  The measure we touch is the measure of the power of God that flows into and through us to touch and bring change into the lives God places in our paths.

  • Intuitions

As we walk with the Lord, enveloped in His love, securely standing upon the Rock of our salvation He will begin to move us into an unseen dimension.

A dimension of life entered into through faith, seen with the eyes of faith.  He bids us to come with Him to a higher level.  He has encouraged us to enlarge our territory, to strengthen our stakes and we obey because we have had an awareness of His Presence urging us to come closer, come higher.  To look upon His Face and not the waves that swell and threaten to sink us.  We are one with the Master, the Maker of Creation and He has beckoned us to come.  His love for us would never allow us to sink into the waters of life that threaten to engulf us.  We are His.  His Spirit within us wakens us to new life.

We begin to see and hear with the eyes and ears of our spirit and life will never be the same again as we walk training ourselves to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit.  To hear the Voice of the One we love.

We will fully savour the taste of the Word of the Lord dwelling richly in us, being spoken through us.  Touching heaven, touching the heart of the Father, touching those here on earth.  The fire of His love burning within our beings.

To sense the Presence of God is being vitally connected to Him through faith.  He goes before us, He walks beside us.  His Presence awakens and quickens our senses.  Each one of our lives is enveloped in His and He hovers over and overshadows each of us, desiring to create new life within us, pleased when we like Mary, yield to the purposes of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to quicken us, shape us and fashion new characters within.

In the place where we are let us train ourselves, discipline ourselves to eagerly anticipating, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching, in an inside out way, letting the glory of God within, the Presence of Emmanuel, God with us flavour every single aspect of our lives.

No stone left unturned and in the hollow where the stone lay beautiful trees of Righteousness will grow and flourish in the House of Lord our God.

We are His workmanship recreated in Christ Jesus to do good works that He has planned and prepared for us to walk in.


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