Faith and Fishing

I realized the other day that the selling of our home is much like FAITH and FISHING!

Very loosely, our realtor can be likened to our Father God…very loosely likened but I think you’ll get the gist.  Our realtor is good, we trust him, our plans align with his and he is working on our behalf.  That sounds like our Father doesn’t it!

I can’t see what he is doing day by day, I just have to trust his integrity, trust and believe that he is doing what he said he would and could do ~ sell our house.  He knows our time frame and my job is to trust our realtor.  Trust that he will accomplish the plan.  That sounds a lot like faith!

We don’t have to second guess decisions we have made that have carried us to this point in time.  We waited on the Lord so we would have total peace before Bruce chose his retirement day.  We figured (he) figured out many scenarios regarding finances and life in general and came to a mutual agreement that September 1, 2015 would be his retirement day.  We are on the ten week countdown.  After thirty years with the same company, that isn’t much time…

The timing happens to coincide with these projects that are being planned for North East BC.  (read post here where I share how I trusted in those plans) That coinciding is not an ‘accident’ because the Lord and Bruce and I are working and living cooperatively.  Together, trying to mesh hearts and wills and lives.

God gives grace for those times we miss it, but this time of selling our home is not one of those times of ‘missing it’.

We have to trust God’s word of truth that a man plans his way but the Lord directs his step.  Proverbs 16:9

When we apply that truth to our circumstance, when we rub it all over our days, the Lord truly can be the One in whom we have confidence.

Oh and fishing!  How does our house selling relate to fishing?  Well, we have a great home (the lure), we are in a great location (where the fish are biting), the lure has been let down into the water (when it was advertised for sale) and now we have to do what any good fisherman will do well.  WAIT!

The Lord says, ‘Be still and know I am God.  Be still in your waiting and have confidence in Me.’

When we took our grandson fishing a few years ago,DSC_0089 Bruce taught him how to tie the (hmm, I am content to take the readied line and drop it over the side of the boat, enjoy the sun, the sparkles on the water, the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves, spotting the eagles’ lookout) Bruce was teaching him how to prepare the line and how to count the lengths as he let his line down.  Anyways, the point of this is that Jeremy would reel his line in every few minutes for one reason or another ‘just to check’.DSC_0077 - Copy - Copy

He hadn’t matured to the point where he was able to trust that his Grandpa had taken us to the perfect spot, given him a proven lure and was operating the boat at optimum efficiency for catching fish!DSC_0107

When I tie these scenarios together, I come up with this:

I can trust the Lord my God.  I can look back over forty years and remember many of the difficult circumstances and know that the Lord led me and navigated the way through the wilderness.  He allured me with His love in the dry and barren places and made His sound known to me.  I have seen His faithful provision time after time, always right on time.  He has provided and blessed and stretched and taught me how to dig my roots deeper into the soil in His garden of grace and truth.  He is not going to take His eyes off me now, nor will He stop thinking about me or cease in plans of goodness for a future filled with hope in His promises!

The Lord is my helper, I can and will trust and be confident in Him.


Can you think of areas in your life where you need to trust and just be confident in the Lord your God?

Beckoned by the King,



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Will You Hear My Heart

I love the way God uses our brothers and sisters to help us out when we least expect it and most need it.  I have a confession to make and an apology that goes right along with it.  Will you stay and hear my heart?

I shared some words with a brother the other day, they were good words, straight from the Father, but they lacked a revealing of my heart, my soul, and emotions. My brother kindly and lovingly let me know they lacked.

I could have crumpled up that paper and tossed it into the basket saying I would never write again…but there, held in the hollow of God’s hands, I had an epiphany!  I came upon Jesus in my friend’s words.

My emotions are the same as yours. They aren’t weird or foreign; they are just as familiar to you too. We might go through different experiences but God created us all with the same emotions.   It’s how we process them in the journey.  It’s about sharing our story in the journey.

As I write these words, my heart remembers a note I wrote to my Mum many, many years ago.  In it, I asked for her forgiveness for not sharing my heart with her, thinking she might not understand me.  I was the one who didn’t understand that though our experiences were different our emotions were the same.

I held back for so many years. I remember the shock I felt as I wrote, realizing she loved me and she wanted to know me.  Somehow, I felt that because I was a Christian I couldn’t reveal me.  Young and immature I was in the way of love as my heart tried to process the pain of giving up my only daughter for adoption.  Mum would have completely understood the pain I felt because as a Mum, she would have felt the same and as Grandma, she grieved not knowing her first living grandchild.

The only question was, ‘would I let her in?’  I never fully did until near her end.  I was the only family member who was a believer in Jesus and I was the one who made the biggest mess out of my life.  I felt shame and confusion; why couldn’t I live like all the other happy, good Christians?

But, you know what my Mum would do?  On hard days, like the anniversary date of my abortion for instance, she would call me and tell me how proud she was of me.  Of how she saw that I stuck with my faith and she could see how it had made such a difference in my life.  I will miss her phone call this year…It amazes me how she saw me persevere and grow in my faith no matter what hardships I went through!

I didn’t know growing up that I was/am hard of hearing and I struggled with all my relationships because of my inability to hear the way others could.  I was always so frustrated with people for speaking so softly, what was wrong with speaking a little louder for goodness sake?  It is only in the looking back I understand my feelings of not really connecting with my friends.  I never fully or correctly heard the words spoken and so I kept my words and my heart to myself. Circumstances are different today.

Thankfully, Bruce understood our crazy misunderstandings in our early years of marriage as a hearing problem and set about to remedy that for me. Withholding my heart is a pattern I choose to break.  Today, the question is ‘will I let you in?’

Today I choose to share my heart, so my journey in finding why God’s Word is greater than gold will be a blessing to you.

Today I ask you to forgive me for holding back my heart from you. Will you journey with me, for surely I am learning that together we are better and together we are stronger?

Together, when we share our hearts we can uncover the lies of the enemy and we can link arms and hearts and offer protection for one another in the storms of life.

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With love,

with you in His palm

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Rise and Give Thanks for God’s Goodness


Psalm 119:65-72  

I rise and give thanks Lord God, for the goodness You so kindly show me.  You have not given me what I have deserved; instead, You shower me with an abundance of good things. 

Mercy, fulfilled promises, protection in the storm.  An outstretched hand offering an embrace of comfort and encouragement so I might give of the same to others in need.

Your Word is my bread and water and with it, You teach me good judgement and knowledge.  You teach me how to put Your Word into practice all the days of my life.DSC_0705.jpg


When I fail and fall down, You cheer me on because You know O Lord, that I will rise and give thanks to You once again.  Your encouragement bolsters my strength. DSC_0705.jpg

I believe Your Word, I believe everything You said is true and I can spend my lifetime learning Your truth only to have You uncover more about Yourself. 

I will have eternity to learn of You but I will choose now to rise and give thanks to You each day.  Your mercy and kindness are without measure and yet You are absolutely without compromise in Your desire for me to walk in the way that pleases You.

In order for me to be a tree of righteousness, I must learn the art of flexibility.  I don’t want a weak spirit that is flexible and teeters and compromises, but rather a spirit within me whose roots go down way deep in the Ocean of Your Love.Continue Reading

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Words to Encourage and Give You Strength

I am thankful my Father carries me on His shoulders and when He sets me down it is in a broad and pleasant place where green pastures and sparkling waters abound.

(My heart continues to be excited about writing out declarations of truth and I know they will benefit you too as you speak them out over your life. ~ At first I thought these would take away from answering the Bible study questions in Beckoned by the King, but the truth of the matter is this; the chapter we are on is “Heth” which refers to God’s Word being the boundary for our lives and how the Word is our hedge of protection.  I believe the Lord wants to teach us how to appropriate His Word now in times of relative peace to prepare us for days to come that may be more difficult.)

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Declaration for our Difficult Days

Promises from Proverbs 4

Even though my days seem difficult, I know I can turn to Your promises found in Proverbs.  I choose to declare those truths today over the difficulties and thank You for the promises fulfilled.  You are a good God with good plans for us.

No hindrance will cause my steps to falter when I walk, my path will be clear and open and I run freely without fear of stumbling.

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