Breathe Deep

Have you heard it so often, that the Lord has plans and purposes for your life, that it has become something so much a part of you that you really don’t pay a lot of attention to the words anymore?

As much I desire and endeavour to press in close to Him and walk with Him, it seems at times, too often it seems, that there is a chasm between where my feet are today and where He would like them to be.

Psalm119:133  Direct my steps by Your Word and let no iniquity have dominion over me.

Lord! With open mouth I call upon You, Your light, Your truth, Your joy, Your Word!

These are the things I long to be diligent and disciplined in keeping, in living out in my everyday life.

How do we do that in the midst of the busyness of doing life?  How do we live life with the fullness of joy Jesus promised when it seems we are so far apart in what we are doing compared to what the Father has planned for us?  How do we embrace His light?

Psalm 119:130  The entrance of Your Word gives light, it gives understanding to the simple.

I choose today to be simple in order that I may see.

I see that there are several things we must do.  We must speak out and breathe in the Word of God.

Direct my steps, Father.  I declare that no weakness of my flesh (iniquity) shall have dominion over my desire to be filled with Your Word, let no weakness overtake and have dominion over my choice of obedience to You.

I see that as I speak out these words, I also breathe them in, they are what make up the atmospheric pressure in the place where I dwell.

I breathe, I breathe deep in the Word and in my core a glimmer of light begins to shine.

It shines softly, burns evenly.

Breathe more, breathe deeper.

A firelight is glowing within my heart.

The fire burns higher with every breath for it is in His Name that I live and breathe and have my being.  It is His Word that is on my lips and my heart burns like fire within.

Jeremiah 15:16 His words were found and I ate them. And Your Word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart; for I am called by Your Name O Lord God of hosts.


Breathe deep, let your heart rejoice for God is doing a good and perfect work in each one of us and He will complete and perfect it.

“Pey” is the name of the Hebrew alphabet letter found in Psalm 119:129-136.  It means with open mouth.

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