Break Bread

“Break bread” is the word the Lord gave me for 2012.

Most years for me begin in September, simply because that is my birth month but this year I completely forgot because we were camping.

What is “break bread” going to mean, what do I think will be the result?

 I have no idea, but I do sense that as I “break bread”, there will be a change in my heart and a deepening of my walk with Jesus.  A deepening that currently I cannot comprehend.

Psalm 119:1 speaks loudly to me this day of “break bread”.

Blessed are the undefiled in the way…
the undefiled in the way are those who have remained keenly focused on their Christian walk.  
The Way is walking with Jesus on the road to Emmaus ~ His words burn in our hearts, they light a fire of love and there is a passionate pursuit of the One who has saved us and filled us with hope and purpose…
And yet I have been distracted….I have been in the wrong room far too often…I have sat in front of the computer….yes, I have gleaned both information and knowledge….I have made Facebook friends for whom I am grateful and thankful, appreciative of the gifts and talents God has placed within each of you.

I have a room in our home that I have laid claim to.  My desk and favourite things are there ~ the entire room has been redone and I love it ~ and yet I have not frequented it.  I have bypassed it and gone instead to the computer room!

Today I am in the place where I can “break bread”.  Jesus, the Word made flesh, and I want to behold His glory.  I want to receive His grace, favour, loving kindness and truth.

I have seen the Blood, dripping red over my life and I do not want to move away from that purifying flow.

This is as fasting ~ this is indeed a different form of fasting.  I am fasting computer time and I am present in the Way to “Break Bread” and eatTo taste and see that the Lord is good ~ to taste the sweetness of His Word in my mouth… Psalm 119: 103

The bread is breaking…

It is through His precepts, His life giving words, His law that I get understanding…I have compared, despaired and not prepared.

The only One to compare myself to is Jesus…I admit, I have compared myself to others in the Way and despaired at where I am.

Jesus is speaking to my heart!  He is calling because I have not intently and intentionally focused on what He is trying to teach me.

He is calling ~, He is calling to wake me up and to be present with Him right now.

Right now, He is pleased with me, right now, I am undefiled and perfect in His sight.  How could I want anything else?

His pleasure in me is mine and it is beautiful and rich.  He has prepared my heart and it is ready to receive, in fullness and in part, His Word, His seed to create new life within me…

Right now, the Blood is dripping red over my life…the Blood has saturated the Broken Bread ~ I am pure in my choice to walk in the way of the Lord.

To follow His way of living and doing and being ~ in Him I truly do live, breathe, and find sustenance for life.  I will find rest and refreshment here in this place.

My place, it is my place to stand ~ God holds me by the hand and this is the place; this is the hour for my feet to stand right here.  It belongs to me for I have long ago chosen to commit my way and work to Him so He can establish me.

I choose fresh bread today, not just to look at but also to break open and receive into the deepest part of my being, sustenance.

I love this definition of bread: what the rich shared with the poor so they did not have to eat cake!

Am I going to “break bread”?

My Father, the King of Glory is rich, rich in mercy, grace, truth and love….

My King saw that I am poor and shared His only Son with me…He Who lived to die, Who allowed His body to be beaten and battered…
Jesus, the Bread of Life, the Bread from Heaven sent that the world, (me, you) might be saved through Him.
Jesus, gave His Bread, gave it all, becoming poor that we might become rich.
That we might have abundant, rich and full lives instead of feeding on the cake ~ the dainties of this world that give no satisfaction and do not satiate our hunger.
Oh, taste, savour, and see for yourself how good the Lord is.


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  1. Lynn Mosher says

    Oh, Jeannie! This is such a great post. I studied one aspect of breaking bread for my book. I love digging into the depths of God’s Word. I look forward to reading what you learn.

  2. Jeannie says

    Lynn, thank you for your encouragement. I look forward to learning the ongoing experiences of breaking bread. And I hope to be one of the first to order your book! You are precious.

  3. Florence says

    Hi Jeannie,

    I totally understand what you mean re the computer, there are many things in this world that draw us off that road and prevent us from breaking bread with or saviour.

    This year God gave me perseverance as my word, very challenging.

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