Blessed Is She Who Believes


John 1:12 But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become sons of God, to those who believe in His Name.

Blessed is she who believes!

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will will be saved.  This is Your Word, Father.

Believe. Simply believe.  The Scripture doesn’t say “hang on with all your might and believe, believe as hard as you can, as much as you can”.



Believe the Holy Spirit has come upon me.  Believe the power of the Holy Spirit is hovering over me.

The Holy Spirit is protecting the presence of the Seed of the Spirit within me.

As I remain in my secret place, go about my daily duties, the Holy Spirit hovers over me.

He wants me to birth the fullness of the Child Mary birthed.

I choose to believe.  I will yield to the power of the Holy One and allow Him to fully form Christ in me.  It is painful.

Father thank You that You focused on me to be a carrier of Your grace and love.  You chose me Father.  You hand picked me to be made whole and holy by Your love.

I have been such a source of constant work for You.  But that is all part of the birthing of the fullness of Jesus, Christ in me the hope of glory isn’t it.

There is so much of my natural, old me that is supposed to stay dead in Christ that keeps rising up.

The revolution can only be stopped by revelation.

There is a war going on between my old self will and nature and the nature of Christ within me.

I have heard it said many times, the Holy Spirit is a gentleman and will never force Himself upon me.

He will not force His way within me either.

I must believe and yield to this power of gentleness and humility.

How to express these deep of the Spirit?  How do I express what I know You long to do in the secret places of my heart?

Words spoken can dissipate into thin air. I can forget them.  Sometimes.

I can be haunted by them too.  Haunted by their selfishness and cruelty.

Haunted by the complete lack of love in the speaking.

As I write these words, ink forms on paper.  They become tangible, readable, believable.

The same way Your Word is written upon my heart and my life becomes a letter for others to read.

I don’t want to keep my life sealed in an envelope ~ but its hard to see the mess too.

I believe Father.  I believe in spite of  and because of the messiness of me You are forming Christ in me ~

The Hope of glory ~ Hope that stirs me to continue to believe.  Hope that causes me to reach to receive Your goodness.

I believe and I am blessed.  I believe I have been forgiven all my sin.  Past sin, future sin and the sin of my now that so wants to drag me down.

It is forgiven, I am forgiven and I am free.

Free to become who Christ intends me to be.  Free to become the one in whom Christ can become fully formed.

I am free to love as Jesus does because I choose to believe as I yield my sin nature to You, Father, You take it and toss it into the Sea of Forgetfulness.

You remember it no more.  This I believe.

Lord, I receive the fullness of Christ.  Fully formed grace ~ enough~sufficient for my every need.

In my weakness I receive Your strength.  The Seed of Your Spirit has come into me.  I am Your own, chosen, Beloved One.

I believe You are at work in me.  You have moved in and You are moving about.  Even though all I can see and feel right now are my weaknesses and shortcomings, You see the Beauty of Christ.

I believe Your grace and strength are shaping me, perfecting me, forming the fullness of Christ within me.

I believe Lord Jesus, I yield and receive You.

 How glad I am that I am becoming to You,

Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett

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  1. Erin Patrick says


    I love these statements of belief about what we receive when we choose Him. I especially love “You focused on me to be a carrier of Your grace and love.” What a high calling that He entrusts us with. I really relate to what you said about words. My dad always told me that words are like toothpaste. Once it’s out of the tube, there’s no putting it back. If you try, you’ll have a big mess. The same can be said for words. They do their damage or inspiration the moment they are spoken. We can apologize and we can forgive but words are powerful.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post!

    • Jeannie says

      Erin thank you for your words. I love what your dad told you, its an excellent example ~ one I will keep in mind as I don’t want a big mess just because I felt squeezed. Bless you.

  2. Helen Murray says

    Jeannie this is lovely. So powerful when we state what we believe in all its honesty and imperfection and glory. Jesus must be smiling and the angels singing. I believe that confessing our faith like this allows God to deepen our experience of Him and it shoves satan back where he belongs.
    Wonderful words, full of hope and emotion. Lovely.

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